lundi, décembre 10

Where have I been since mid-november...

A few weeks ago I lived an intense month as I took part on the #SMCSFBlogOff contest.

It was a rough month, I felt like publishing all day long, all the time, anything. But practically I couldn't blog that often as I didn't and wouldn't have that much interesting stuff to publish . Or the needed time to spend my days posting here.

However there was some positive effect. I mean the fact that I published during 30 days in a row made me feel that I can publish anything if I want to. It made me feel that I could do anything if I really wanted to do.

I took some blogging projects out of the drawer and... started publishing. as simple as that.

I got this first project on rail a couple of week ago. I set up a plain simple blog,  gathered the first informations that I wanted to post and started posting in order to force me to continue gathering information.

It is also helping me to build a new vision of the use of social media and personal branding. Even if these subjects have nothing to do with the main topic of this new blog (beauty, history of Rio de Janeiro and maybe some footbal, I mean soccer for dummies like me).

More to come soon!

vendredi, novembre 23

I spy Smith m'y little eye....

I noticed a couple of days, weeks ago, that I may have a geeky neighbour.

I wonder if he is working, playing a game or simply twitting or blogging!

He always sits there and stare at his screen....

Maybe HE knows that I blog and he follows me!

If so.... Hi neighbour!

dimanche, novembre 11

Lire l'amour

Je viens de commencer la lecture du livre Une histoire des romans d'amour de Pierre Lepape.
Je dois être dans une période romantique. Ou plutôt dans une période envie de lire sur les histoires romantiques.
Mais si ça se trouve ce n'est pas si romantique que ça.
Voyons voir. Ou allons le lire.

mercredi, novembre 7

#SMCSFBlogOff - I'm shocked! Definately!

I just learned that yesterday was the last day of the contest!
I wrote yesterday's post with a feeling I still have one more to go and then... it all had gone!


I can say that I'm proud of myself, I managed to post at least one post a day. A had somedays which I felt like a compulsory blogger with 2 or 3 post in a row (or with a couple of hours between them).

I discovered some nice interesting awesome people. It made me wish go meet everybody in Miami or nearby! Yup, you're guyas are all definately more intersting than Magic Mike.
Ok ok I'll stop talking about him... hehehe.
I know, he'll get old one day and will get all wrinkled his muscles will fall as well as his derrière. 
Hopefully this will happen when I will be far far from tv and movie screens.

Anyway, it happens as I science said it would happen repeating something everyday creates an habit and you will get used to it. Someone told me once that we have to repeat 24 times. I read somewhere that 21 is enough. I repeated - posting posts - 30 times. So I did got used to posting!

I'm glad it has finished though, today I didn't have a special post to publish, nothing serious and even no special #nutspost.

mardi, novembre 6

#SMCSFBlogOff - I missed my birthday!!!

Can you believe that this humble blog completed 9 years old!!

My first post was on November 1st 2003.

Oh wow!

I explained here how it all started. And it is still going on.

Please please please Blogger continue upgrading and going upwards so I don't feel like changing platforms. I'm kind of attached to you, you're an old friend!

#SMCSFBlogOff - The more you blog the more you want to blog?

Right or wrong sentence?

I can't say if it is right or wrong or if it works for everyone.

What I can say is that it kind of works for me.

We aren't finished yet we still have a couple of days to go. 

NB1: A question to #SMCSFBlogOff people: when do we finish? On the 7th or on the 8th?? I'd say the 7th so... tomorrow???

So we aren't finished yet but I'm already getting to some conclusions:

- forcing myself to blog here was a good thing it go me on the blog-rails again
- it is very hard to blog everyday but if I did it so far it means that I can blog at least once a week. This blog should never be abandoned again!
- I got used to post in english! My few readers in french will excuse me if from time to time I post in english?
- I decided to launch another blogging project, I'm still thinking of it but this contest opened my appetite
- during this period I tweeted less but as the blogging stuf I could tweet more, couldn't I? It's so easy, 140 signs...
- I definately continued instagramming everyday.

So the more I blogged the more I want to blog.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling like a conqueror from the middle ages! 
The territory I conquered is mine! All mine! 
It's the wicked wide web!!

NB2: The post started right but became a #nutspost didn't it?

lundi, novembre 5

#SMCSFBlogOff - Monday, another week starts

When monday comes, another week starts.
I'm sure you didn't know this.


From time to time I meet suppliers of different services, offer.
Not that I'm particularly looking for a company. It's important to stay up to date to the market, know what people have to offer out there.

Sometimes I'm appalled by how companies stick to the fact only to offer their know-how on development. Companies (huge companies) do need developers to realize some projects but developers can be found anywhere.
Just open a drawer at an IT department and voilà! A developer comes out.

Companies need innovative products.
Even if the products aren't that new and don't change very much from the normal world of highly connected people. It does change a lot for people/companies who aren't or very little connected.

Offer simple tools that don't need 12.000 man/day to go live (for 2,5 features and a search engine....).

The market changes fast, customers needs too. But huge companies need lot's of time to change. They need new fast applying tools that would meet their external requirements. Not their traditional internal requirements (even though they can't be left aside) but their time-to-market requirements.
Give what customers are longing for.
If they don't show the need, create the need.

Think about it before offering your traditional services....

dimanche, novembre 4

#SMCSFBlogOff - Caught by TODO

I was fearing this would happen, and so it did.

A scheduled post "TODO" which should male me run to the conputer so it doens't go live went live.

Up date

Here I am "running" to type something to republish it.

This week-end took place the ENEM in Brazil - it's the name of a huge exam which allows youngsters to be admitted to the university. It goes through many hours, in two days. If you arrive after the doors are closed you miss the exam.
On the papers you can read new about this huge event in the students and the country's life. With this exam there's about some equal chances to people who didn't have the chance to study in a good school to go to a good university. There's more to it than this but this is one of the advantages. There are disadvantages also but it isn't the subject of this post.

Three topics I read about:

1 - A teenager gave birth in the bathroom.
She got to the local of the exam already feeling the contractions. She is the only as far as I know who will be able to resit later, in december. It's a baby boy and the baby and the mother are fine. There was a nurse working as a supervisor who helped them after she gave birth while they were waiting for the doctors.

2 - On the second day, today, took place the dissertation. The subjecy was the immigration in Brazil on the 21st century.  Gosh I can't write about it. And apparently most students couldn't neither. I wanted to check about the other subject (of other disciplines) but the ENEM website is down. The results can be published at any moment - you can even follow live the correction, just NOW - and there as thousands, millions of people trying to access the same page.

3 - Some students got caught taking pictures of the classes and of the exams and posting it to social media. They got excluded. I read about 37 being excluded on the first day, 28 on the second day. Among 5.79 millions students enrolled to take the exam. Why they took pictures on th second day? You could read on the press about the people of the previous day being excluded... Maybe they didn't read the press.
I'm mad about social media but I don't think I'd publish during exams. I don't tweet during pro conferences it the subject/the conf isn't about social media or any of the kind.

samedi, novembre 3

#SMCSFBlogOff - Time flies

If I'm counting right today is day 27 of the blog contest.
And I'm still blogging. Horray!
I was away for 2 days, I didn't manage to connect to a wifi very easily but I managed to post yesterday. Anotehr horray for me!

I went to London with 3 girls friends. We went there for a shopping spree. We go there last thursday in the afternoon so I could post before leaving Paris.
As the blogging time is flying our week-end also was soo short. I'm sure the last 3 days lasted less than 24 hours each.

We enjoyed our thursday night having dinner in a nice thaï restaurant and went to the flat (it's english, so it's a flat not an appartment ;-) for a good night of sleep. We also went to an uthentic english pub according to the local friends we met. There we had a nice beer, I watched people around us and appreciated the decoration. Typical I'd say, in a certain way at least.
(Click on the pictures to enlarge).

We didn't sleep that well for diferent reasons. The two who shared the bed found it too soft for their backs and woke up with a back ache. The two who shared the sofa-bed found it too hard and felt the slats on the ribs and as soon as the other person sleeping there moved the other felt the movement too and they woke up with a back ache. It was kind of a water bed. I was of the team on the sofa-bed.

We didn't go for sleeping but for shopping so there was no problem, but as we would be tired after all the walking and carrying bags full of goods (or of good goods).

We spent the friday walking all day long. We went in about a 100 shops. Compared to Paris we can find in London some basic items cheaper than here and with a better quality as if we bought at the similar french shops. However I'm tempeted to say that if we lived there we wouldn't go as much in these shops, we'd do like an italian girls who lives there: she comes to Paris for shopping...
I bought about 3 years of socks and about the same for underwear and tights.

We walked Oxford Street up and down 300 times and also took the tube to save our feet (a little bit).
You know, it's not the métro as it is in Paris nor the subway as it is in New York. It is really a tube, it is small, round shaped, as a tube, it is crowed (specially if you amuse yourself to take it during the rush hour when the normal commuters are going back home while you are just trying to get your shopping bags safe between all that people's legs....
It wasn't that crowed when I took the picture. I couldn't take a pic when it was crowed of course, no space to move my arms and even I like to take picture and not be noticed. When you're "glued" to the people around you they do see your screen.

After our day of walk when we got back to our flat I was desperately trying to connect to post my yesterday's note. My friends couldn't understand what I was doing. It's a contest! And I need to blog.
They decided that I was completely crazy - nuts - and that soon they would come pick me up and take me to a psychiatric hospital. I was hanging with non social media non bloggers almost not facebook people. Twitter? Don't even mention, they don't have an account. They don't have a blog. I'm not sure they see any interest in it.

What we did the next day in London? Well we went shopping. I tool the girls to Victoria's Secret shop as it openned a few months ago in London. First shops in Europe. Plenty of coulours plenty of differnt items for  all tastes. Women's and men's taste. ;-)
Men go with their partners and moms and do what they can to spend their time.
This young man for instance, his mom showed him the bench, with a word, he sat there, openned his book and stayed for her to come back. Hopefully for the male gender in this label strategy there are plenty of seats for these aimless people who come to their boutiques.

The most important was that I felt relieved for posting.
So far I haven't missed a single day.
But I missed a day on my personal project of a photo of Paris a day on Instagram. The connection where we were was very bad I couldn't post a picture. I missed one day.

vendredi, novembre 2

#SMCSFBlogOff - Londonners are still the same

Here I am, less than 20 hours in this city that I used to love.
I don't know if I still love it there are too many french people all over everywhere!
Thanks to Eurostar they can come easily (tickets start at 88€ and the trip lasts 2:35 hours).

Londonners are still the same. We went to have dinner at a thaï restaurant.
As before you ask for a non spiced dish when you eat it you feel the pepper.

They drink so much so they go out at night almost naked.
The temperature is around 5-6 centigrades they go out with miniskirts and no stockings sleeveless tops extremely high heels for girls and jeans and simple t-shirts for men. No coat for any of them.
It was around midnight.
It's humid as it is as island.
They don't get dressed because they are going to a pub or night club and they'll drink a lot.
A great lot.

So they haven't changed they already were like this when I lived here last century.

But there are too many french now. I like less. They should stay in Paris.

jeudi, novembre 1

#SMCSFBlogOff - News from the world

The last 24-48 hours people have been talking about Sandy. All over France, maybe all over Europe, people were really caring about Sandy and New York.
It's good and nice to have this sens of solidarity.

But don't forget people at Haïti and Cuba who faced the storm a couple of days ago and had people killed. We talked less about them maybe because there's less people tweeting and instragramming from there.
It's also strange all this passion in France.

A few days ago, last week, people got killed with a storm, the wind was quite like Sandy, before hitting the continent the wind was like 150 km/h (hum, I can't talk/write miles) and apparently when it hit New York this have dropped to a little bit less.
We had in the south of France wind of 120 km/h. And there was no fuss like I read about the States.

I'm not saying it isn't serious.

It's just that there was some other bad events elsewhere too.

I am glad to hear that people I know who lives in New York or was just in the middle of their holidays during the storm.
I'm glad people I know who lives in Richmond are okay.

Just let's not forget that other people are suffering from the same storm, or other storms.
Let's be solidary about eveyone.

Now, that the strom is over, let's clean the cities and move on!
Go Go Go!


NB: As I said, I'll be away during a couple of days, but I'm leaving home in 2 hours, so I had the time to right something for today. Now the thing will be to manage to publish something tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Stay tuned, the challenge on the challenge in on!

mercredi, octobre 31

#SMCSFBlogOff - Feeling quite like a marathonian

Had a though day at work. Well shouldn't say so I've lived worst ones before.
Am I getting to be a little natured person?

I forgot my book at home so my hour in the bus will be on my iPhone.
Rha as if I hadn't done that before even with my book in my bag.

There men who really have nothing IN their minds.
Here I am sitting in this local bus. Eyes glued to my phone's screen.
I'm sitting on the seat just behind the bus driver. When people get on the bus they see me right away. I sit here list of the times.
In 20 years of living in Paris it happened for the first time: the bus isn't croweded there are plenty of space.
A man steps on the bus. He stops by my side. He stares at me. I feel his look but don't move.
He says 'Hi' after a minute or two.
I do my 'basic french attitude': blog out some air like we were an animal a bull or something then openned my hand bag and got my head phones out.
He started talking: you don't wanna talk?
Me: No.
Him: Life is beautiful.
Me: Yes and I prefer to listen to my music.
Him: Why don't you wanna talk?
Me:Because I don't want.

Then I switched on the music.
He left to the back of the bus maybe looking for another victim.

Being alone in a bus doesn't mean I'm on getting to know new people, men.
My skirt doesn't mean neither that I'm available.
Can't women just live their lives? Why can't we eradicate these macho-man who could possibly be beating their women at home?
Maybe this guy who talked to me don't but who knows?

It makes me remember this british video I watched recently. Lauren Luke has a chain on YouTube and she talks about make up. She's quite known for her videos I didn't know her before.

As I'm posting from my phone I'm not sure the video will be nicely embeded.

If so I'll correct later!

What do you think about?

Oh! The original title of the post was intended for my daily activities: I feel like I'm running all around and therefore running a marathon. As simple as that.

mardi, octobre 30

#SMCSFBlogOff - I think I got a problem

I'll be away for 3 days strating next thursday. Well, I'm leaving home around 11 am.
I'm going on a long week-end to London with 3 girlfriends.
Shopping shopping shopping!

(Note to myself: Maybe I should "forget" my credit card at home....)

I should have internet connexion where we're staying but I'm not sure it works before getting there.

I still have all my empty posts to fill.... and if I don't fill them they'll go live with just a title "TO DO".
Holy crap! 

Let's pray the saints-of-the-connected-addicted-to-blogging-and-tweeting-travelers to easily find wifi connexions everywhere in London! 
Hopefully it'll be like when I was in New York last year: just stop by a Starbucks café and get the free access for a few minutes - or while you're drinking your coffee!

lundi, octobre 29

#SMCSFBlogOff - The 5th age (not element)

Or a family #nutspost.

I just hung up with my Mom. We weren't on the phone, we were on Skype having a video conf.
My Mom is 79 years old and she lives nearby Rio de Janeiro/Brazil while I live in Paris/France.

She says computers are too difficult for her to learn, that she'll never be able to use them correctly and so on.
If you take your time to tell her "click here... can you read the message? good ... are the little lights  blinking on the thingy by the CPU? (yeah she knows better CPU).... great.... now write down the steps you have to follow to connect, then you'll be able to do alone... that's it... let me turn my webcam so that you can see my screen... see it? oups it's in french... do you want to learn french Mom?"

There she goes.
She's so used with Skype now that she even says in a baffling manner that Skype is telling her to shut down the video because our connection isn't good. She doesn't like Skype to ask us to disable the video. She likes to see me. Better than the simple phone.
I turn off the conversation and before I have the time to call her back she is already calling me with the video on.

With this computer we also got her a Gmail account.
She uses gmail webclient, it was easier to show her it working this way than installing Thunderbird or Outlook or anything else. She got kind of pissed off with Mr Google for pushing adds on her inbox according to what she's been writing.
To piss Mr Google off she sent me some emails with stupid stuff written (let's say she sent me nuts emails - now you know: I'm my Mom's daughter, the #nut stuff is a family matter). Gottcha! Mr Google sent the wrong adds. Or better saying the correct adds for her nuts emails.

During our conversation on Skype I told her that we found some lost cousins through the Internet.
I told her that there's a website kind of like Skype, where you create an account, you can chose a nickname, you can put your pictures, publish stuff, status, videos, quotes, you don't call people, but you mostly chat (written chat) and etc. This site is called Facebook.
I spoke about my cousins, she remembered some moments. We laughed. Then she remarked that she didn't want a Facebook account, she doesn't want people looking at her life and doesn't want people asking for her news.
She didn't leave me say anything else and said that she doesn't want a Twitter account neither, she doesn't want a Facebook as she said nor an Orkut account or any of these accounts that appear with all these websites.
She only needs her emails, Skype and the Internet to do her researches and check on certain websites when she sees a programm on TV and they give their website address. But only for specific subjects, of course. Some tricot websites, crochets, and crafts and some DIY (for crafts only).

She says we can tweet her, facebook her, but she doesn't want them on her own.

I'll be extremely astonished the day she'll say someone poked her!!!!

She turned 79 last august. She was telling me that now she is on the 5th age and not on the 3rd age anymore. Before going any further and before saying any stupid thing I asked her to explain and develop her thoughts.
Recently a 61 years old woman gave birth to a child in Brazil. She should be a 3rd age person who don't bear child anymore.
As my Mom isn't planning to have a baby like that woman did, she says she can't be in the 3rd age.
I said that for me she should be in the 4th age. Mom didn't agree: when you're almost 80 you're in the 5th age.
Ok, got it. I won't fight. Never fight with your Mom, doesn't matter her age and even if she is wrong, I mean she is your Mom so she is right, right? You're a stupid kid (even when you're in your 40's and you work with Internet and Social media....).

Remember, my 79 y.o. Mom says that computers and Internet and all this technology is too much for her head.
Hum-hum. I see.
Imagine if she thought it wasn't enough I mean if she wasn't scared about it?

dimanche, octobre 28

#SMCSFBlogOff - Social network, social family

Sometimes we discover different ways to use a social network that we haven't imagined before.

A few months ago we lived a sad event in my family. Someone died and the best way we found to keep everybody informed about what was going on in time was through Facebook.

In a single place we could find everyone, post a news and all the concerned people would see/read. Publish the ceremony date and people would also see.
It was quite strange to be part of it.
It was interesting to be part of it.

We all leave part of our lives on Facebook. We left a sad family episode there. We exchanged news, little words, infos. We went through the event together we went through a social family event.
Using FB allowed my family to keep everyone posted, those who were in Brazil and those few, like me, who aren't.

Then we posted pictures. So to remeber the person who was gone. And we all shared the album.

Who passed away was my half brother.
We had met again a few months before after not having news from one another for more than 20 years. We are 5 half brothers and sisters. Lately w have been meeting 4 at once. We were planning to meet the five of us. We wil never do now.

I'm glad I met him on that occasion. Our parents didn't get along anymore but we are not them. I hope the other 4 brothers and sisters, one of which is me, will keep in touch. And won't be away of each other's sight for more than a couple of months.

Since them we got to be a social family: we don't live in the same city, event those ho live in Brazil, but we got used to say hi, show our faces through Facebook.
Thourhg Facebook we also found lost cousins who are living ar away from Rio.
To keep in touch with family is one good use for this app. And probably the only reason I still use it a lot.

samedi, octobre 27

#SMCSFBlogOff - Jazzy yôga

I've been practising yôga for more than a year now.
It's not only yôga it's a method. DeRose method.

But this is not the issue today.

My classes take place in an unsual place by Quartier Latin in Paris. It's a... cave!
And if you know a little bit the history of Paris, of jazzy Paris, you may know that in the 50's, 60's, 70's and even today there are still some jazz clubs run in caves around Quartier Latin.

So, the other day the director of my school told us that "our" cave used to be a jazz club in the 60's and 70's.
Then there was probably lot's of smoke from cigarrettes and cigars. Now the only smoke one can see/smell will come from the insense we alight to practise.

The director is still working on the history of the place, she is still gathering information about the different occupiers of the cave.  She is already in the 80's, she is pretty much close to our epoch.

For those who believe in aura, energy, all of this on the walls, maybe we get this happy old energy during our classes. Maybe love stories started in this place, or ended there. Great or sad news were given here. Or people just spent good times there.

Well, for this and some other reasons I love Paris.

vendredi, octobre 26

#SMCSFBlogOff - If I keep the rythm...

I'll have published more posts probably than last year. Didn't count though.

Today it's friday and I'm lacking of inspiration.

I could talk about the weather: it's getting cold in Paris, I was freezing this evening while I was waiting for the "RER" train to get back to Paris - I work outside Paris, I'm a commuter the other way round I'd say, but I'm not the only one.

NB1: Everytime I write/say 'I'm not the only one" I remember a song. Damn, which one?

The station is outside, if it is raining we are quite getting wet. There's a ceiling but if it's windy....

I got home, had dinner and rushed to the computer: as I said I scheduled posts to go live but most of the times they're empty.
I rushed to make sure I had prepared something to go live today.
Nothing was waiting for me.
Sometimes when I prepared this bunch of pre-posts I managed to leave a title, which should give me inspiration to write afterwards. But this time I only had a TO DO as title.
Even the day I prepared it I was without ideas.

Now that I managed to get things settled, I'll go back to my dinner.

I wont' leave you alone. João Bosco will keep your company.

NB 2: And of course this is a #nutspost

jeudi, octobre 25

#SMCSFBlogOff - Photo geeky girl

I like a lot to take pictures. I used to use a Minolta before digital photo, then I got a compact Sony which took wonderful pics. Then I got a half-reflex half-compact Panasonic camera. I like the variety of lenses but I don't feel like carrying 3 tons with me.

Further to this, I love my iPhone 4 too. I can take nice pics with it.

So I got Instagram addict.
I started a personal project on July 29th: I publish a photo from Paris per day. I don't necessarily took the picture just before publishing it but the picture was definately taken with my iPhone and I publish from the iPhone.
I'd like to keep it for a year. I have to keep until July 28th 2013.

The hashtags I use are these:

 #paris #editoftheday #picoftheday #shotoftheday #iphone #iphonegramers#igers #igersfrance #mobile #mobilephotohraphy #instamood#intagramamando #france #iphotography #iphoneonly #instaaddict#instapic #instacanvas #statigram #instadaily #iphonegraphy#streetphotography #tribegram

Sometimes I add others like #metro #beaubourg #quartierlatin #passy etc. It may depend also on the picture.

This could be another nuts post.
Not only I got in a contest to post one note per day during 30 days  but I also challenge myself to post a pic a day during a year.
So far, I've been doing good.

Ok, new hashtag : #nutspost. I'll update the previous ones.

mercredi, octobre 24

#SMCSFBlogOff - Social fooding

I like to cook. I often cook recipes I have at home or have some brand new idea and try something different.
For this reason and because of the web and social networking I discoverd the social food. I took once cooking classes, I'd like to take more classes.

I'm a food reporter - I don't know if a similar app exists in english (oh yeah they do have an english version, I added the right link) but this one is made for those people like me who like to take pictures of the dishes they cooked or from what they're having at the restaurant.
You can share the pics and the recipies and people don't like they "miam" your pic.
Lovely. You can follow me there, but sometimes I post these pics on Instagram too.

On the same subject I started following a couple of chefs. Not many, just a few. And they share their cooking in different ways.

Take Jamie Oliver. No need to introduce him, right?
I follow him only on Instagram. He publishes whatever. Almost never his cooking. We get people he meets, we get pics of his kids, we get pics of funny moments of his trips/life.

Take Roberta Sudbrack. I didn't know she had served a brazilian president until sometime after I was already following her. I never looked for information about her, but I had heard about her.
I follow her on Twitter and on Instagram. She publishes pics of her trips but they're all - 97% about ther cooking. Her staff in the kitchen, her staff having fun during a service, she and her staff when they were in Paris for a special event. She was in London for the Games and she'd cook special meals and bake special brazilian sweets (brigadeiro) for the brazilian athlets who got medals. She and her followers jokes about her team what she does: it's the sudteam, sudplate, etc. She always say hello or byebye to the "social kitchen". Yeah, we can quite experience her kitchen during the service.

I also follow some other chefs, mostly brazilians because I tell myself that I'll probably go to their restaurants one of these days.
One who is really funny is Carlos Bertolazzi. Him and a group of other male chefs (or common mortals like you and me?) take part on a sort of program called Homem Gourmet (Gourmet Man or Male). I follow him on Twitter. They exchange non-sense tweets. You feel like going one of these days to his restaurant because you certainly will spend a fun time.

I do agree with Roberta: the kitchen is social. When there's a party at home, at one point, at least with latin origin people (be them brazilians, french, italians or spaniards!) at one point of the party we are socializing at the kitchen. I would even love to have a kitchen to throw parties in it!

Eating and food is a way to gather people. When we can't be together IRL we get virtually together around a dish.

But as we know, the world isn't this beautiful. While there are people with tons of food, there are people starving. Maybe we could think of a social kitchen project who could give some food for those in the need. Don't you think?

mardi, octobre 23

#SMCSFBlogOff - Been with Elizabeth again

Or another nut post.

Update: #nutspost

I've been to my dentist again.
Saw singing Elizabeth.
She was leaving when I arrived, my appointment was at 6pm.
She said Booonjourrrrrrr Madame Le Maaaanchot.
Doctor will come to you soon.
I said see you next week.
She said oh, weeee haaave aaaan appointment next weeeeeeek?
Yes WE do have one.
Although from the two of us I'm sure I'm the only one who'll have to go throught.

While I was seating-lying there I had to occupy my mind.

The screen wasn't on. No CCB documentary to watch and jump in surprise from a crocodile attack.

I was gripping to the chair.

I wish a gear to publish posts to one's blog when we can't type would exist. A tool which could read our minds. Something like in Avatar.

I told myself not to forget in my mind the hashtag for this blogging contest.
South Florida.
Magic Mike. Him again!!! I certainly have a problem with this film.

The session was to get my tooth imprint to make some skilled person build a crown.

I'm tired.
While we waited for the thingy get my tooth shape I wanted to close my eyes and sleep.
Felt my eyelids heavy.
Was off for a few seconds.
At the dentist.

I repeat in case you didn't understand: at the dentist.

Dozed away.


Vruuuuuuzzzzsch rawwwwwwwunsch


I said at the beginning of the post.

So today I'm a princess, I have a temporary crown on the culprit tooth.
I'll up grade my situation next week

To be continued.

Update: forgot to check if my nose was clean. Damn it.

#SMCSFBlogOff - Dancing on the web 2

It really "worked" me. My grey cells kept working and thinking about dance, after I wrote the post about the minimalist dance.

So, still speaking about dance, I definately prefer Ballanchine and the New York City Ballet.
I will go again to NYC and will go watch them dancing - saw the company once in Paris, I had tears in my eyes.

lundi, octobre 22

#SMCSFBlogOff - Dancing on the web

Yesterday I saw some videos of contemporary dance. The choreographies were created by someone I met before, like 15-18 years ago.
We were both students.

These choreography are very original.
They're different.
They're.... strange.

In portuguese we'd say she "travelled in the mayo". Meaning that WTF is going on in her head?

Her concept is original, quite, inspired from a painting, black and white. She was inspired by minimalist paintings for a minimalist choreography.
In most of the videos I saw, she published 5-6 videos, she is evolving alone in the middle of a black space. The floor is black, the sides are black, the ceiling is black (if there's one). She is wearing black and her skin is the white element with the light.

As the inspiration is minimalism, the music is minimalist. The decor is minimalist.
My impression is therefore... minimalist.

I don't feel like linking the videos here.
I don't know why. Some of you may like. I'm not that receptive from these videos or minimalist concept.

It's not fair from me. It's her job and she believes in it. If you want to watch, just go ahead.

I like her minimalist hands though.
Let's keep this post minimalist.

dimanche, octobre 21

#SMCSFBlogOff - Am I a boring aunt?

Gotta ask my nephew and niece.

I'm friends with them on Facebook but I don't follow them on Twitter (teens tweets!).

My nephew (who by the way is not a teen any more as he is in his tewnties) set up a group to gather people to play volleybol on the week-end, at the beach. Normal, he lives in Rio. Sun, beaches, young kids at the beach.

I don't remeber if he invited me for the group or if I simply acted as the boring aunt: I remember seeing that my sister in law (not his mom) saying she'd go to the volley-party on a week-end sometime ago.
I probably got my name in this list because of this.
And I answer I'll go. Or not go. In general I say I'll go or that I may be a bit late.

Nothing strange on this except the fact that I live in Paris/France and not in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

A few moments ago, he published a note saying he'd get to the beach earlier to set up everything. We can go to the meeting spot whenever we want.
I said ok.

samedi, octobre 20

#SMCSFBlogOff - Me like ma followers

I like to get new followers. I like to know that people read my tweets and decide to follow me. Because I'm smart witty or... nuts.

But I have to say that some kind of new followers intrigue me.

I tweet or retweet in french, portuguese and english. Not necessarily in this order.

The subjects are various and can interest - on not - tons of people.

Lately I've been getting latin american folowers. Great I'm latino but... I don't tweet in spanish. I have a couple of a little dozen spanish-tweeters.
I'm interested in many subjects but almost never ever finances / money. I have a few finince-type followers. At least they gor the right languages, english or portuguese!
But the best of all is one whose nick name is (not in english): How to be a milionnaire!

(Message to him/her: don't forget to tell me how, please)

One last think to make this clear: I'd like to discover if among them I'll find those people who have been looking for "elizabeth 11 fake"....

vendredi, octobre 19

#SMCSFBlogOff - My profession is...

One of my sde activities lately is to study young people, in an anthropological way.
No, I'm kidding, I don't do this (well, I mean...).

We always have trainees at work and some of my friends have kids who are groing old.
Just like we did.

Young people are all alike but all different!

Their reactions, way of seeing things, of imagining and conceiving their lives.

I know one who makes you wish to take him under your wing and help them go through life. It is the case for one of the youngsters I tutored some time ago. He is growing old. At the end of trainee period I felt like a mommy setting free her little birdy to face alone this wicked world. I still fell like mothering him.
Of course, if I ever do this I suppose he's going to put me back to my place. He is a gentle guy so I suppose he won't be harsh.
I'll try my best not to do this.

I had another trainee who always needed some orientation. I think she still does. She always shifting from one idea to another, from one profession to another. She was taking classes at two different universities which weren't complementary at all. They were quite opposite to each other.
Not that I do mind opposite studies, I've done myself, but not at the same time. I finished one then started another.
She is stil studying, I don't know where she is going to go. Maybe she will find a third profession and she will stick to it! Or not.

Change our minds is normal, specially in this world where you can learn and discover tons of things. I've studied geology, art, I've worked with IT, and now I'm at the business side. Who knows where I'll be in a few years! I don't. I kind of imagine, I have to work my way through it.

Do you know where you'll be in... 3-5 years time?

jeudi, octobre 18

#SMCSFBlogOff - How people have been getting here?

I never - almost - check how people get here, which key words they entered in the search engines to get here.

I just checked my dashboard and what a surprise!

The third item in the list below is... awkward. Did I really wrote something about elizabeth fake porn?
Sorry, elizabeth 11 fake porn?
And why not 10 or 12??

Update: #nutspost

#SMCSFBlogOff - Thursday confession


One of the songs in my iPod/iPhone is Hips don't lie.
I've imagined me dancing like Shakira once or twice.

And that's all I know from her. And the waka-waka stuff.

mercredi, octobre 17

#SMCSFBlogOff - Today it's day 10th!

And I'm still blogging!!!!!
I got get myself a special gift if I continue.
Twenty more days to go. Keep my mind working and my fingers typing.

Is this post useful?
Did I need ot post it?
Do I mind this situation?
Not at all.

I wrote before, I'm getting sort of a compulsory blogger with this contest. Maybe I'll get addict and will continue blogging everyday after the contest.

If I'm not wrong science says that to get used to something humans have to repeat the activity 24 times.
If I do it 30 times, I'll be more than used to blog!

(Nuts, I know. I should change the name of the blog, stop calling me Le Manchot and become a Nut. I have to tell the story behind the Manchot one of these days. An idea for a post for the contest!)

#SMCSFBlogOff - I'll have lunch tomorrow night!

Not exactly.
I'll be chez Miss Lunch for her book signing tomorrow evening.

Who's Miss Lunch? The gal who conceived, imagined, created the Lunch in the loft in Paris.
You book a date through her website, you tell her what you don't eat at all and when the day comes you just go to her place to have a wonderful surprising meal surrounded by other people that you don't know but will get to know during this lunch time.

I haven't tried yet. I'm more enclined to try one of the cooking classes.
Got to organize this!

I don't promiss I'll livetweet the book signing as I'm not sure of when I'll get there. At least a little tweet I'll drop from there.

Do you cook/take cooking classes?
And to stay in the South Florida air: which kind of cooking classes can we take in South Florida? Any ideas, advices?

#SMCSFBlogOff - Climbing to the stars

Or the heights of mind.

I take yôga classes, well, it isn't only yôga it is a method which comes from ancient yôga from 5.000 years ago first started by Shiva and developed and codified in the 20th century (I prefer decoded if this word exists) by a Master.
I feel better, I sleep better, have less back ache when I wake up in the morning.
And we got social. We do social yôga.

If you organize yourself with the teachers, if you practice a little bit in one of the clubs/schools, it is possible to take classes through Skype.
Last time we in Paris had a colleague practicing with us from Switzerland.

We are also social yôga because we exchange quite a lot through Facebook - mainly through this tool. But the teams of teachers from this method in many different countries also blog, as well as the Maître.
We organize meetings, we keep each other posted about novelties, contests and whatsoever through our private group on FB.
This media allow us to communicate with people that we normallly don't meet, like I go to classes certain days of the week, and almost never meet some people who only go the days I don't go.
We share websites, feelings, ideas.
It's another way to put this people together.

There's no special intention to create any kind of emulation or energy. It's just another tool to communicate. At the end we happen to exchange propably more than the initial intention of the group.

We are living in a social era. Some people say business is social, but sport is getting social, cooking is getting social, working is getting social.
From collaborative tools we are getting to a social level and we are really working together while socializing.

There are many tools, and many more will appear.
I'm trying to figure out which tool will replace Twitter within 4 years.
Any thoughts?

mardi, octobre 16

#SMCSFBlogOff - A techie who isn't one

I had a problem with a tooth. I took a picture and wanted to mail it to my dentist before taking an appointement. To know if it was urgent and go see him in the same day or if it could wait a little while.
He has a bright and quite brand new equiped place. So many new tools. A 23rd century dentist chair. X-Ray right to his computer by the chair. He is linked to earth's womb and the skyes of science.

But no email in this place.

So I had to go there on the same day I called. The assistant said she'd ask the dentist, Doc, when I could go and she'd call me back.

My dentist used to have an assistant who seemed to come directly from the army. Well I was quite sure about it. We were some who didn't dare not to agree with her, not answer her questions right after she asked them. Yes M'dam!

Then he got a new assistant. She comes from the French Antilles (I can't get used to French West Indies in english).
She has a nonchalant way of talking: Cabinet médical du Doc The Dentist bonnnjouuuurrrrrrrrrr
At first I was surprised. French people are so directive and harsh sometimes. Many times.

Then something started happening: I got to Elisabeth's - this is her name - rythm.
Bonjouuuurrrrrrrrrrr Elisabeeeeeeeeth, comment allez-vouuuuuuuus? I have a proooooblem I neeeeeed to see Doc soooooon I thiiiink. It dooooesn't huuuuuuuurt but it coooould.
My brazilian accent which isn't very strong when I speak french rushes out from my most inner me. Eventhough she is not brazilian.
She is from the Islands.
When I'm at the dentist I'm in fact somewhere in the middle of the Tropics. They just need to get some coconut tree and put in the the waiting room and it will do it. There's already this waaaaaarm welcoming.
She knows my name. She knows by the sound of my voice who I am. When I call before I announce myself, before telling my name, if I speak for a little while she'd say bieeeeeeen sûûûûr Mademoiselle Le Maaaaaaanchoooooot.

And we get to the butcher's part, I mean the dentist part.
Surprisingly enough - or not? - he also got her rythm.
He says Oooopeeeen your mouthththththth. Don't close your iiiiiiiiiit yyyyyyyyet.
He says this specially when you've been there like 50 hours with your mouth wide open that your jaws got dislocated and you can't do any other movement.
At least he's not the kind of dentist who likes to talk to you and ask you questions while you can't answer.
Usually he hums some songs.

Yesterday it was the best day ever: there was my poor self lying there trying to think of something nice in order to forget that I was going ot leave my mouth and heart and soul and brains at the dentist's facility. I was trying to watch the documentary on the screen above the chair but it was a National Geographic one, one about Africa and I could see crocodiles ready to get a prey. I stopped watching, I could jump in surprise and...
The radio was on, we could hear it from far away.
Doc hummed a song in some kind of a classical style and rythm.  Not what we were listening to.
The next song was a bit more of an "awaken" one. He stopped. I could then see Elisabeeeeeeth in my field of vision moving her body like as if... she was dancing! I imagine her smile behind the mask.
Please Heaven do that Doc doesn't dance either. Specially when he has that thingy ruiwuiwuiwuiruiwruiw torture object in his hands.

My problem could have waited a few days to be solved/treated.
He probably could have tell me if he'd seen the pic that I was planning to mail him. A high tech dentist with no communication technology in his medical office.
And above all noone has the same rythm as Elisabeeeeeeeeeeeeth.

lundi, octobre 15

#SMCSFBlogOff - Travelling to the US

One thing that is occuring with me during this blog contest: I'm discovering a new whole lot of bloggers, all North Americans - or at least people living in the US - bloggers that I don't know. These people are most probably from Florida. Or live in Florida.
I haven't been to Florida.
Seems to be a nice spot.
I want to go to the Keys.
To the Everglades.
To Cape Canaveral.
I want to meet the Experts and Horatio's crime scenes in the streets of Miami.
I want to go to Tampa - well, you know, Magic Mike didn't move to Miami at the end of the movie. If I want to have the chance to see his a..... ahem I mean his nice recycled furniture I have to go to Tampa.
Sorry, I'll be back. I'll go there check airplane fares and be back soon.

In the meantime: if you're not from Florida, where have you been in the States? How about... Paris/Texas?

dimanche, octobre 14

I'm a digital immigrant but not only


I don't remember when I learned this expression but I've been talking about it a lot lately.
I spend my day - and sometimes part of the night - online. I work online. And from time to time I take a peek to my personal cell phone to check what's going on (mostly emails, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

I first started using computers when I got in France ages ago, last century, on the mid 90's. I din't have a personal computer but I loved to search for anything on the library's catalog because thé catalog was online. I felt then like a techie because I was an expert of book search at the BPI (Bibliothèque Publique d'Information at Centre Georges Pompidou). I'd explain to other people how to search for a book from once in a while.

Than came the time of the Internet. I met the Internet at an intership in 96 where I was at the organization committee of a multimedia festival for art and heritage. On the first edition we organized a show of museums websites. We built our catalog and during the professional conferences days there was a free access computer where people could go surf the websites.

After that I got my first private and personal email address in 97. I Knesset I was lost for thecnology when I met the meme of the epoc: you know you're an Internet addict when you get home and you check first your emails than you answering machine.

I worked at an office in 99 where having a professional email from the office was something special and meant power. I only had my direct line there and  I got Internet access like after 6 months I was working there but no professional email address.
People felt powerful, those who had the email address at work. but they didn't have at home and some where pissed of to know that I the little thingy that worked there had my own private email address.

Now on Twitter we are talking about à new kind of people. It's not linked to à generation but to one's multiple lifes. You can read on people's profiles: I'm a worker / skateboarder / oncle / Tv show lover / cat feeder / grandmom's walker etc.

I'm going to go straight away update my Twitter profile: no more comma. Vivat the slashes!

Today, it's easier to "talk" to me by email than by phone. Well, it is also because I worked for a few years on the phone, first on a hotline for an Internet provider, than for an insurance/assistance company.
I have 2 blogs (I closed the 3rd one), a Facebook page, 3 twitter accounts (for different purposes, and they may go with a specific blog), I'm Pinterest, Instagram, Fancy, Foodreporter, Foursquare, just got to Path, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing, I have a G+ profile but I haven't managed yet to stick to it, I'm leaving my orkut page die, lost my Multiply page and some others that' I don't remember.

In other words I'm always online.

Then I think of my godson, who is 4 years old. He should be a digital native but his not. Or not yet.
His parents don't want to see him too early with a tablet. They don't have a smartphone they have a simple cell phone, you know, those phones of 5-6 years ago, with which you could only... call people and send SMS. They have a computer, one for both gown-ups.
I understand the parents. But I still think it is awkward. We should live with our time. He should live with his time.
Or not?

samedi, octobre 13

Ten Guilty Pleasures


I got the idea to write this post through one of the links given by Alex for inspire people for this challenge.

The problem is, while I write these lines, I can only think of one guilty pleasure. Maybe two.

- Milk chocolate. Or swiss milk chocolate. Goddam this is so good. Yeah you can tell me it isnt real chocolate. I didn't say I like real chocolate. I said I like milk chocolate

- french pastries - fraisier is my favorite

(my pic, fraisier from a tea afternoon at Carette)

followed really close by the tartelette au citron  

 (not my pic. Thanks Mr Google - I didn't note from which website I took this pictore. If the owner comes her,e please let me know and I'll add the credits)

- Hershey, the original.

Found 3. Yeay!

Will come back if I find 7 others.

Can you tell your ten guilty pleasures?

PS: This post could be a #thursdayconfession but today is a satuday. So let's say it is a #saturdayconfession

vendredi, octobre 12

I've got an e-reputation to maintain


IRL there are people who steal other people's identity. For fun or for devilish actions.
We take care with ID cards and passports (I do. Do you?).
But do we take care with out online identity?

This issue can happen in different ways. Someone can sign for an online service using your name. They can get your details to steal your money or delete all your stuff (it happened recently). I'm not talking about having a strong password eventhough this is important too.

We are anonymous people* and hackers won't look specially for us. However if our accounts are vulnerable they won't miss the opporunity to hack us.

*(hi! For those who arrived here with this key word, I'm talking about unfamous people, the contrary of celebrity)

But what if you are famous?
During the soirée for breast cancer awareness two nights ago we tweeted using one of the godmothers' account so people get to follow her too.

Today the community manager of this french celebrity Tv show tweeted to tell us that she doesn't have a Twitter account.
Rha! She got hacked and her staff weren't digitally aware or taking care of her image.

She is lucky that her fake Twitter account isn't being used for posting porn or something worst.

Brazil's president has a Twitter account too. An official account and a fake account. Her fake account is by far more famous and funny and close to a sort of reality - her everyday reality - like people behind this account tweeting during their lunch break as if she was in her break too.

The fake Elizabeth II tiwitter acocunt is funny too. I must remember to shape up my slang habitliies (british or american or whatsoever).

Digital awareness about oneself.

I have a Google alarm on my name.

In the company I work I know my colleagues created the CEO's and other top management twitter accounts to avoid this to happen. And if one day they decide to use their accounts to communicate they will be the owenr of their accounts (well, the company).

And you do you watch yourself on the Internet? 

#SMCSFBlogOff - The bloggers!

I totally forgot to post a link to a post which lists the names and links of who's blogging in this 30 day blog contest: 30 day bloggers

I should add nuts as my second name: if you understood the hashtag it means Social Media Club South Florida Blog Off.
Most people taking part in this contest are people from Florida, who are members of SMCSF and meet once in a while to network, work and be there!
And you find a little alien from overseas who said Me Me Me! I want to blog with you!
I've done some collective blogging before, we all blog about the same subject on the same day,n mostly with brazilians. This is the first time that I get to blog everyday.
It will become a traumatism. Sure! I'll dream, eat, drink breath blogging!

I've been to some of the listed blogs below and I can tell you there are lots of interesting and funny and smart people in this www of ours - wild wild web.
I wish I'll meet them all or some of them one day.
Promis dear co-blogging freinds, I'll try to leave at least a comment when it is possible.
Enjoy your reading!

Update Nov 7th: this is the bloggers list as of the beginning of October. Maybe some people are missing. If you see a missing name, just let me know and I'll add (please give the missing link too).

jeudi, octobre 11

#SMCSFBlogOff #jeudiconfession Eh bin si!

I scheduled empty post to go live every day to put more pression on myself to blog.

I forgot to write that the post was thought to go with a usual french hashtag in the title which means "thursday confession".
You confess something every thrusday. I have never confessed anything before today.

I should say I confessed two things:
- I scheduled empty posts
- I'm nuts.

Night night.

Compulsory blogging #SMCSFBloggOff

I can't explain why but since  I entered this blogging contest I feel like blogging all day long.
I can't off course as I'm supposed to work on other stuff.
I decided I want to go until the end of this contest with at least a post a day.
Can't imagine how I will succeed in doing this.
I added an extra stress for me: I scheduled a post a day until November 9th. The posts are scheduled to go live around 9 pm Paris time. The funny thing about this is that the posts have already to be written. I just prepared empty posts. To fill.
See on the image below, they're all TODO. If you click on the image you can enlarge and see the scheduled dates.
I'm thinking that I'm definately nuts. I am in fact.

On #BCA20 and #SMCSFBlogOff

I was really happy to be at the soirée - the french leg - for breast cancer awareness.
I already wrote a post but I can't stop writing it.
The prizes for the researchers are really important they need financial help to continue their work. Thanks to them many people survived this disease and many more will.
I also felt proud to be brazilian in this night as one of the godmothers is a brazilian woman who's established in France since long ago as myself, Cristina Cordula.
I immediately linked it to a serie of posts and mostly pictures that I followed through @alexdc flickr, the Latino Heritage.
Well here in Paris we don't have this heritage (the latinos I mean latin here were others...) but we have a presence. Which is good! It will become a heritage.

On this occasion I didn't tweet much about what people were saying. But of course their speeches were important. Be followed and give the needed importance to this issue.
It's not the only battle we should fight for but one can't fight all at once.

See one more good point about this: more blog posts.

mercredi, octobre 10

Blogging blogging


As soon as I got myself into trouble, in other words joining this contest, all that happens always, usually, forever and ever since I started blogging (in portuguese and in french since 2003, I have two personal blogs, this one, mostly in french and one in portuguese, "croissantland" you can have a hint on the subjet with the blog's name, a brazilian living in Paris) started : what will I be writing about?
Tons of ideas appeared. But, if I don't write then down they'll disappear.

(And with this word my brain associates the Inxs song... could become my anthem of this blogging contest!)

What I did first was to start reading the links Alex posted on the SMCSF page on Facebook: ideas of what write about, tips on blogging, etc.

Wow, I didn't even finished reading it all, that my brain was overwhelmed with ideas fusing from all sides.
I don't need really finishe reading these articles, but I may though.
One can write about everything: your breakfast, your lovelife, your no-life life, your expertise, your job, your passion be it old stamps, dinos, cars, dolls, travelling, your job.
In my opinion the important thing is to chose an editorial line (do't do like I did: there's no editorial line, or everything and anything line), make the most of your knowledge about the subject you chose, write and publish.
Of course there are things that you should do to guarantee a public. I definately don't do. I should learn one day.
What do you think?

mardi, octobre 9

My next LT


I'm excited to take part at another live tweet tomorrow October 10th.

It's an event to communicate about breast cancer awareness. There will be an award giving for a photo contest and prizes for research against breast cancer.

I had always been concerned about this disease I don't why, when it started. I forwarded many many times that old powerpoint of the auto exam. I've been more concerned since a couple of years ago since I knew some people I know or met in my life were diagnozed with breast cancer. Two are safe and sound the 3rd one didn't escape the "crab" as she used to call it, the thing that took over many parts of her body.

Oh but she wasn't at all a sad person. She was that kind of person who would have said if she could during her funeral "why do you all have this funeral face?". We were sad of course for loosing such a wonderful person but we couldn't stop laughing when someone said this. She was one of the most joyful person I ever met, before being ill and as much if not more when she was ill. She had all these health problems, this "crab" eating her rom the inside, but she'd have a nice word for someone sad, a funny email or sms to send out to friends a kind of sunshine in our inboxes. I've have never heard her sad of losing her courage, eventhough I imagine it was extremely hard for her and her family.

That's why I like to think of her I like to remember her: we cannot be discouraged whatever problem we are facing, at work, financial, any problem, we have to fight, we can't give up. I won't give up. For her. In her honour.

So after all the email forwarding in the recent years now every year I try to do something on line, display the pink ribbon on my blogs (this ribbon on the right side is there since Oct 2011) or like this year I got from a friend in Brazil through Facebook a gorgeous photo of pink shoes - woah! Love it. My profil pic on FB and on Twitter for this month.
So girly and oh so girlish!

Tomorrow I'll be at the LT with some other people.
I'm sure it's going to be fun. We will probably post some silly stuff but WTF it's a party and there will be good looking people!

I'll tweet in french and in english. The hashtags are #OctRose20 (french) and #BCA20 (english).

lundi, octobre 8

Blog contest - Day #1

So far so good.
I got the first post.
That was easy - I can even stop here.
But no.

Blogging blogging.
Once in a while the "why blog" question comes around. Last time I asked myself this question I almost stopped blogging. But I can't, I definately can't delete my blog. I started this one back in 2003 and since then I'm still at the same platform, now and then asking me "why blog?".

Well, blog for the fun, blog to talk to myself - while I don't talk to other people.
I certainly don't blog to get trafic or readers. I blog mostly for mee, because, deep inside myself, I like blogging.
It's as simple as that.

But, as this time I'm taking part on this contest, well, I may get new readers!
I'm also on twitter and there I tweet in portuguese, french, or english. And as here the subjects are totally and completely ecclectic.

But most of getting new readers, it's so exciting to take part in this contest!
I tld myself that if I manage to publish a post a day for the next 30 days I can do anything. I just have to stop being lazy.

It already had some results: I went jogging yesteday morning youhou I had stopped (because of lazyness) about a year ago.

Will I manage to take all these challenges at once? Who knows! Let's give it a try!

PS: I'll add the hashtag #SMCSFBlogOff at the beggining of my next posts so it gets to Twitter with the right #.

vendredi, octobre 5

On va hablar english for a few days

Bon, j'ai dit il y a quelques jours que j'allais participer du contest blogger 30 jours consécutifs.
Du coup, juste à l'idée de devoir blogger pendant 30 jours je suis en train de blogger dans une sorte de stress du post blanc peut-être.

Le tag principal sera 30-day blogging challenge. 

Comme l'idée a été lancée par le groupe Social Media Club South Florida, je leur ai dit que je penserai aux anglophones et publierai en anglais pour eux. Ca va être cool.

Mais là la panique est : qu'est-ce que je vais bien pouvoir raconter pendant 30 jours à raison d'un post par jour?
Je suis folle d'avoir sauté la tête la première.

L'annonce est là (il faut sans doute être connecté à Facebook) :SMCSF on Facebook



Je viens juste de confirmer ma participation dans un contest organisé
par le plus brésiliens des finlandais ou plus finlandais des
brésiliens que je connais, Alex Carvalho et le Social Media Club
Florida : bloguer tous les jours pendant 30 jours à partir du 8/10.

Dans quelle embrouille ou galère je me suis embarquée!


I even said that I'd think about the eventual english speakers or
better saying readers who'd find their parh up to here... That I'd
write in english (as this is a "contest" and not a "compétition"...

Les neurones: ready, steady....
Monday is in two days!

jeudi, octobre 4

Blog more

Constat: je blog tous les 36 du mois maintenant.

Mais je ne veux pas tuer ce petit blog. Quand même. Non.

Mes gentils petits camarades des US ou plus précisément un super
camarade de Miami super uber blogger social media man à lancé une idée
sur Facebook: et si on reprenait le blogging (sommes nombreux à avoir
beaucoup diminué le rythme de publication)?

Tons of people ont plongé.

Des idées de blog post, cross blogging, des compètes autour des sujets.

On s'emballe!

Finalement on veut tous blogger. Retrouver le chemin de l'interface admin.
Faut juste un petit coup de pouce.

Let's go!

dimanche, septembre 30

L'espace ouvert

Vient de boucler la dernière page de "L'open space m'a tuer".
Les saynètes. Drôles. Vraies. Tirées par le cheveux?
Ça dépend de la wolrdcompany de chacun.


vendredi, septembre 28


J'arrive à la gare RER.
Il y a une rame à quai.
J'ai une place assise.

Heu.... Ai-je bien pris dans la bonne direction?


vendredi, mars 16

#misslunch : Fooding LT

Ce soir j'ai vécu mon premier LT autour de la nourriture.

Faits :
- il est difficile de twitter et de manger en même temps - mon téléphone a failli par deux fois être arrosé ou noyé (glace, champ'...)
- que l'on soit en apéro ou dîner ou ailleurs, si on mange on fini par parler de nourriture, dans un restau on parle d'un autre restau, on mange et on parle de choses à manger
- lorsqu'un groupe de personnes est réuni autour d'un apéro, les sujets sont variés : cinéma, sorties, personnes que l'on connaît en commun
- ce genre de sorties nous permet de rencontrer d'autres personnes et surtout de les découvrir - j'adore cette possibilité de mélanger IRL et le virtuel
- ça donne envie de refaire. Toujours.

 Ce soir c'était donc mon premier LT autour de la cuisine, pour l'inauguration de Miss Lunch @ PPP au 3 rue Antoine Vollon 75012.
Un super accueil de la part de Miss Lunch herself. D'autres bloggers twitteurs y étaient. J'avais souhaité faire un Lettuce & Tomato, comme on a renommé ensemble avec Miss Lunch le Live Tweet. Trop fort.
J'y ai rencontré des personnes charmantes. La discussion a tourné autour de différents sujets. J'ai parlé, j'ai écouté.
J'ai eu faim aussi : Miss Lunch nous a décrit un dessert qui doit être top sublime de la tuerie de la mort qui tue. Chocolat, framboise et je ne vous dis pas plus.
Elle nous a aussi raconté son livre, dont le work est in progress.

Je pense que ça va être une bonne petite adresse : Miss Lunch nous proposera des petits déjeuners, déjeuners, mais aussi des cours des cuisine. Comme elle l'a dit c'est un atelier de création et cuisine inattendue, des cours de cuisine, du fun et du plaisir.
Ca va être top.

On y va ensemble @ Miss Lunch chez PPP ?

samedi, mars 10

Interrogations conceptuelles

Ce me travaillera toujours, ces femmes toujours accompagnées de leur
mari, même pour aller chez le médecin pour elle.
Il appelle, il prend rdv, il se présente à l'accueil.
La consultation est pour elle.

J'hésite de voir comme de l'amour, je m'occupe de ma femme, du
machisme, c'est une femme, une petite chose faible....

On voit ça souvent, même au 21e siècle.

mardi, mars 6

Changing my Facebook-Twitter experience

Depuis que j'ai pris un smartphone, ma Facebook life a changé.
Et autres morceaux de mon internet life too.

Je profite des transports en commun pour faire mon check rapide. Ce
qui s'est passé, une news d'ami, un post marrant.
Et hop, le tour est joué, je me connecte à peine à la maison.
Du coup, il y a quelques fonctionnalités qui me manquent sur l'app.
Notamment le share, partage d'un post.
Ça viendra peut-être dans une mise à jour future.

Mais surtout mon smartphone est ZE bonheur pour Twitter!
La taille exacte, suivre le fil d'infos, toujours connectée à mes
journaux préférés (brésiliens, britanniques, américains et français).
C'est la world news dans ma poche. Heu, mon sac à main de fille avec
88 trucs inutiles et lourds dedans.

C'est avec mon téléphone de la pomme que je profite et tire un max de
profite de l'usage des réseaux sociaux.

Et vous?

lundi, mars 5

Blogging around

La petite chanteuse australienne (information apprise dans ma folle
jeunesse pendant ma courte période londonienne) chante dans l'un de
ses albums (que je n'ai pas)
I spinning around....
J'essaie d'appliquer ici:
I blogging around...
Mais ceci est assez compliqué. Parfois on souhaite écrire sur des
sujets trop (ou pas assez) polémiques, ou des sujets sur lesquels on
peut parler, mais pas écrire.
Ou vice versa.
Ou versa vice.
Ah je ne peux plus utiliser bref, depuis la série... Non je ne copie
pas, je le disais/écrivais avant.
Voilà un post qui ne sert pas à grand chose.

vendredi, février 10


Seule, je faisais la queue, j'attendais mon tour pour passer à la
caisse d'une enseigne connue qui vend des livres, CDs et autres

Je lisais des commentaires, la discussion dans un post d'un groupe
fermé sur Fesse de bouc.

Derrière moi, il a dit que "ces blaireaux qui n'ont rien à faire et
qui surfent sur fb toute la journée en racontant leur vie."

Je ne surfe pas sur fb toute la journée.
Je ne raconte pas ma life par le menu détail.
Je suis une fille, je ne suis donc pas un blaireau mais une blairelle.

Dommage que mon tour est arrivé trop vite, je n'ai pas eu le temps de
faire cette recherche chez mon ami Gougle.
Je n'ai pas pu lui dire que la femelle du blaireau est la blairelle.

Je vais dormir moins bête ce soir.

Lui, je ne sais pas.

mardi, février 7

L'hiver tout n'est pas vert

Pensée à 2 balles (anciennes) : certains manteaux ressemblent à des
robes de chambre.

Le gars (oui, vous, sorti du métro juste devant moi) : vous auriez pu
porter vos charentaises, ça aurai mieux passé qu'avec des bottines
bleues foncées. Et le manteau marron. Avec la ceinture mal nouée, vous
faisant un truc sand forme sur les épaules.

Que fait madame! Ou monsieur!

(ok je sors. De quoi je me mêle. Cerveau congelé.)

vendredi, février 3

Comment l'enfer peu être aussi froid?

C'est pourtant ça qu'on m'a dit aujourd'hui.