mardi, octobre 23

#SMCSFBlogOff - Been with Elizabeth again

Or another nut post.

Update: #nutspost

I've been to my dentist again.
Saw singing Elizabeth.
She was leaving when I arrived, my appointment was at 6pm.
She said Booonjourrrrrrr Madame Le Maaaanchot.
Doctor will come to you soon.
I said see you next week.
She said oh, weeee haaave aaaan appointment next weeeeeeek?
Yes WE do have one.
Although from the two of us I'm sure I'm the only one who'll have to go throught.

While I was seating-lying there I had to occupy my mind.

The screen wasn't on. No CCB documentary to watch and jump in surprise from a crocodile attack.

I was gripping to the chair.

I wish a gear to publish posts to one's blog when we can't type would exist. A tool which could read our minds. Something like in Avatar.

I told myself not to forget in my mind the hashtag for this blogging contest.
South Florida.
Magic Mike. Him again!!! I certainly have a problem with this film.

The session was to get my tooth imprint to make some skilled person build a crown.

I'm tired.
While we waited for the thingy get my tooth shape I wanted to close my eyes and sleep.
Felt my eyelids heavy.
Was off for a few seconds.
At the dentist.

I repeat in case you didn't understand: at the dentist.

Dozed away.


Vruuuuuuzzzzsch rawwwwwwwunsch


I said at the beginning of the post.

So today I'm a princess, I have a temporary crown on the culprit tooth.
I'll up grade my situation next week

To be continued.

Update: forgot to check if my nose was clean. Damn it.

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