mercredi, octobre 31

#SMCSFBlogOff - Feeling quite like a marathonian

Had a though day at work. Well shouldn't say so I've lived worst ones before.
Am I getting to be a little natured person?

I forgot my book at home so my hour in the bus will be on my iPhone.
Rha as if I hadn't done that before even with my book in my bag.

There men who really have nothing IN their minds.
Here I am sitting in this local bus. Eyes glued to my phone's screen.
I'm sitting on the seat just behind the bus driver. When people get on the bus they see me right away. I sit here list of the times.
In 20 years of living in Paris it happened for the first time: the bus isn't croweded there are plenty of space.
A man steps on the bus. He stops by my side. He stares at me. I feel his look but don't move.
He says 'Hi' after a minute or two.
I do my 'basic french attitude': blog out some air like we were an animal a bull or something then openned my hand bag and got my head phones out.
He started talking: you don't wanna talk?
Me: No.
Him: Life is beautiful.
Me: Yes and I prefer to listen to my music.
Him: Why don't you wanna talk?
Me:Because I don't want.

Then I switched on the music.
He left to the back of the bus maybe looking for another victim.

Being alone in a bus doesn't mean I'm on getting to know new people, men.
My skirt doesn't mean neither that I'm available.
Can't women just live their lives? Why can't we eradicate these macho-man who could possibly be beating their women at home?
Maybe this guy who talked to me don't but who knows?

It makes me remember this british video I watched recently. Lauren Luke has a chain on YouTube and she talks about make up. She's quite known for her videos I didn't know her before.

As I'm posting from my phone I'm not sure the video will be nicely embeded.

If so I'll correct later!

What do you think about?

Oh! The original title of the post was intended for my daily activities: I feel like I'm running all around and therefore running a marathon. As simple as that.

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