mardi, juillet 30

Why are you so mean to me?

I'm always with you. You're with me.
You're my eyes souvenirs. You're my ears  sometimes. I listen to you what you sing to me everyday (almost!).

But you had a... mid-life crisis?

First you lost all the names but kept the numbers.
I have a whole bunch of textos where there's no one but numbers. My friends became numbers. + something

No one knows how come some names came back, others got lost for ever (apparently).

I got used to live with half addressbook, I was planning to get all the others back.

Then the unthinkable happened. Then some freezing moments happenned again last week-end and.... Names have gone again. The few I had recovered are gone again.

What do I have to do with you temperamental iPhone ????

Any of you out there knows why my iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 is doing this to me?
Is it a sign to:
- upgrade to iOS 6?
- upgrade to iPhone 5?
- leave iPhone world? 


mercredi, juillet 24

I'm spinning around...

So here I'm again. Still alive and around.
Or alive and kicking as the song says.
Old song. Song for dinosaurs. 35 yo and older dinos.

As I wrote ages ago I'm working on some personal projects. On top of my pro life.
Days are therefore long.
But still not quite.

I started a project and it already died.
It was a blog which subject was very interesting. But to make it work I'd need help. And for the time being I don't have help. I don't want to need help now.
So exit.

I re-re-re-started another project. About Paris. From inside Paris. Paris from within.
I'm thrilled about it. But I need time. And sometimes inspiration.
Maybe I shouldn't stop thinking that I need this or that and just do it (it's a baseline but it means what it means)..
Let's go.
Challenge: post a post on this other blog once a week. 
Then increase the pace.
Must get things started.