mercredi, octobre 17

#SMCSFBlogOff - Today it's day 10th!

And I'm still blogging!!!!!
I got get myself a special gift if I continue.
Twenty more days to go. Keep my mind working and my fingers typing.

Is this post useful?
Did I need ot post it?
Do I mind this situation?
Not at all.

I wrote before, I'm getting sort of a compulsory blogger with this contest. Maybe I'll get addict and will continue blogging everyday after the contest.

If I'm not wrong science says that to get used to something humans have to repeat the activity 24 times.
If I do it 30 times, I'll be more than used to blog!

(Nuts, I know. I should change the name of the blog, stop calling me Le Manchot and become a Nut. I have to tell the story behind the Manchot one of these days. An idea for a post for the contest!)

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