samedi, octobre 20

#SMCSFBlogOff - Me like ma followers

I like to get new followers. I like to know that people read my tweets and decide to follow me. Because I'm smart witty or... nuts.

But I have to say that some kind of new followers intrigue me.

I tweet or retweet in french, portuguese and english. Not necessarily in this order.

The subjects are various and can interest - on not - tons of people.

Lately I've been getting latin american folowers. Great I'm latino but... I don't tweet in spanish. I have a couple of a little dozen spanish-tweeters.
I'm interested in many subjects but almost never ever finances / money. I have a few finince-type followers. At least they gor the right languages, english or portuguese!
But the best of all is one whose nick name is (not in english): How to be a milionnaire!

(Message to him/her: don't forget to tell me how, please)

One last think to make this clear: I'd like to discover if among them I'll find those people who have been looking for "elizabeth 11 fake"....

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