jeudi, octobre 11

On #BCA20 and #SMCSFBlogOff

I was really happy to be at the soirée - the french leg - for breast cancer awareness.
I already wrote a post but I can't stop writing it.
The prizes for the researchers are really important they need financial help to continue their work. Thanks to them many people survived this disease and many more will.
I also felt proud to be brazilian in this night as one of the godmothers is a brazilian woman who's established in France since long ago as myself, Cristina Cordula.
I immediately linked it to a serie of posts and mostly pictures that I followed through @alexdc flickr, the Latino Heritage.
Well here in Paris we don't have this heritage (the latinos I mean latin here were others...) but we have a presence. Which is good! It will become a heritage.

On this occasion I didn't tweet much about what people were saying. But of course their speeches were important. Be followed and give the needed importance to this issue.
It's not the only battle we should fight for but one can't fight all at once.

See one more good point about this: more blog posts.

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