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#SMCSFBlogOff - Time flies

If I'm counting right today is day 27 of the blog contest.
And I'm still blogging. Horray!
I was away for 2 days, I didn't manage to connect to a wifi very easily but I managed to post yesterday. Anotehr horray for me!

I went to London with 3 girls friends. We went there for a shopping spree. We go there last thursday in the afternoon so I could post before leaving Paris.
As the blogging time is flying our week-end also was soo short. I'm sure the last 3 days lasted less than 24 hours each.

We enjoyed our thursday night having dinner in a nice thaï restaurant and went to the flat (it's english, so it's a flat not an appartment ;-) for a good night of sleep. We also went to an uthentic english pub according to the local friends we met. There we had a nice beer, I watched people around us and appreciated the decoration. Typical I'd say, in a certain way at least.
(Click on the pictures to enlarge).

We didn't sleep that well for diferent reasons. The two who shared the bed found it too soft for their backs and woke up with a back ache. The two who shared the sofa-bed found it too hard and felt the slats on the ribs and as soon as the other person sleeping there moved the other felt the movement too and they woke up with a back ache. It was kind of a water bed. I was of the team on the sofa-bed.

We didn't go for sleeping but for shopping so there was no problem, but as we would be tired after all the walking and carrying bags full of goods (or of good goods).

We spent the friday walking all day long. We went in about a 100 shops. Compared to Paris we can find in London some basic items cheaper than here and with a better quality as if we bought at the similar french shops. However I'm tempeted to say that if we lived there we wouldn't go as much in these shops, we'd do like an italian girls who lives there: she comes to Paris for shopping...
I bought about 3 years of socks and about the same for underwear and tights.

We walked Oxford Street up and down 300 times and also took the tube to save our feet (a little bit).
You know, it's not the métro as it is in Paris nor the subway as it is in New York. It is really a tube, it is small, round shaped, as a tube, it is crowed (specially if you amuse yourself to take it during the rush hour when the normal commuters are going back home while you are just trying to get your shopping bags safe between all that people's legs....
It wasn't that crowed when I took the picture. I couldn't take a pic when it was crowed of course, no space to move my arms and even I like to take picture and not be noticed. When you're "glued" to the people around you they do see your screen.

After our day of walk when we got back to our flat I was desperately trying to connect to post my yesterday's note. My friends couldn't understand what I was doing. It's a contest! And I need to blog.
They decided that I was completely crazy - nuts - and that soon they would come pick me up and take me to a psychiatric hospital. I was hanging with non social media non bloggers almost not facebook people. Twitter? Don't even mention, they don't have an account. They don't have a blog. I'm not sure they see any interest in it.

What we did the next day in London? Well we went shopping. I tool the girls to Victoria's Secret shop as it openned a few months ago in London. First shops in Europe. Plenty of coulours plenty of differnt items for  all tastes. Women's and men's taste. ;-)
Men go with their partners and moms and do what they can to spend their time.
This young man for instance, his mom showed him the bench, with a word, he sat there, openned his book and stayed for her to come back. Hopefully for the male gender in this label strategy there are plenty of seats for these aimless people who come to their boutiques.

The most important was that I felt relieved for posting.
So far I haven't missed a single day.
But I missed a day on my personal project of a photo of Paris a day on Instagram. The connection where we were was very bad I couldn't post a picture. I missed one day.

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