dimanche, novembre 4

#SMCSFBlogOff - Caught by TODO

I was fearing this would happen, and so it did.

A scheduled post "TODO" which should male me run to the conputer so it doens't go live went live.

Up date

Here I am "running" to type something to republish it.

This week-end took place the ENEM in Brazil - it's the name of a huge exam which allows youngsters to be admitted to the university. It goes through many hours, in two days. If you arrive after the doors are closed you miss the exam.
On the papers you can read new about this huge event in the students and the country's life. With this exam there's about some equal chances to people who didn't have the chance to study in a good school to go to a good university. There's more to it than this but this is one of the advantages. There are disadvantages also but it isn't the subject of this post.

Three topics I read about:

1 - A teenager gave birth in the bathroom.
She got to the local of the exam already feeling the contractions. She is the only as far as I know who will be able to resit later, in december. It's a baby boy and the baby and the mother are fine. There was a nurse working as a supervisor who helped them after she gave birth while they were waiting for the doctors.

2 - On the second day, today, took place the dissertation. The subjecy was the immigration in Brazil on the 21st century.  Gosh I can't write about it. And apparently most students couldn't neither. I wanted to check about the other subject (of other disciplines) but the ENEM website is down. The results can be published at any moment - you can even follow live the correction, just NOW - and there as thousands, millions of people trying to access the same page.

3 - Some students got caught taking pictures of the classes and of the exams and posting it to social media. They got excluded. I read about 37 being excluded on the first day, 28 on the second day. Among 5.79 millions students enrolled to take the exam. Why they took pictures on th second day? You could read on the press about the people of the previous day being excluded... Maybe they didn't read the press.
I'm mad about social media but I don't think I'd publish during exams. I don't tweet during pro conferences it the subject/the conf isn't about social media or any of the kind.

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