dimanche, octobre 28

#SMCSFBlogOff - Social network, social family

Sometimes we discover different ways to use a social network that we haven't imagined before.

A few months ago we lived a sad event in my family. Someone died and the best way we found to keep everybody informed about what was going on in time was through Facebook.

In a single place we could find everyone, post a news and all the concerned people would see/read. Publish the ceremony date and people would also see.
It was quite strange to be part of it.
It was interesting to be part of it.

We all leave part of our lives on Facebook. We left a sad family episode there. We exchanged news, little words, infos. We went through the event together we went through a social family event.
Using FB allowed my family to keep everyone posted, those who were in Brazil and those few, like me, who aren't.

Then we posted pictures. So to remeber the person who was gone. And we all shared the album.

Who passed away was my half brother.
We had met again a few months before after not having news from one another for more than 20 years. We are 5 half brothers and sisters. Lately w have been meeting 4 at once. We were planning to meet the five of us. We wil never do now.

I'm glad I met him on that occasion. Our parents didn't get along anymore but we are not them. I hope the other 4 brothers and sisters, one of which is me, will keep in touch. And won't be away of each other's sight for more than a couple of months.

Since them we got to be a social family: we don't live in the same city, event those ho live in Brazil, but we got used to say hi, show our faces through Facebook.
Thourhg Facebook we also found lost cousins who are living ar away from Rio.
To keep in touch with family is one good use for this app. And probably the only reason I still use it a lot.

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