lundi, octobre 15

#SMCSFBlogOff - Travelling to the US

One thing that is occuring with me during this blog contest: I'm discovering a new whole lot of bloggers, all North Americans - or at least people living in the US - bloggers that I don't know. These people are most probably from Florida. Or live in Florida.
I haven't been to Florida.
Seems to be a nice spot.
I want to go to the Keys.
To the Everglades.
To Cape Canaveral.
I want to meet the Experts and Horatio's crime scenes in the streets of Miami.
I want to go to Tampa - well, you know, Magic Mike didn't move to Miami at the end of the movie. If I want to have the chance to see his a..... ahem I mean his nice recycled furniture I have to go to Tampa.
Sorry, I'll be back. I'll go there check airplane fares and be back soon.

In the meantime: if you're not from Florida, where have you been in the States? How about... Paris/Texas?

2 commentaires:

xtinakm a dit…

I live in Florida, but I am not from Florida. I am from North Carolina and have traveled to both Paris & Texas!

nunju a dit…

This is cool! I haven't been to Florida yet. Would like to go soon.