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#SMCSFBlogOff - The 5th age (not element)

Or a family #nutspost.

I just hung up with my Mom. We weren't on the phone, we were on Skype having a video conf.
My Mom is 79 years old and she lives nearby Rio de Janeiro/Brazil while I live in Paris/France.

She says computers are too difficult for her to learn, that she'll never be able to use them correctly and so on.
If you take your time to tell her "click here... can you read the message? good ... are the little lights  blinking on the thingy by the CPU? (yeah she knows better CPU).... great.... now write down the steps you have to follow to connect, then you'll be able to do alone... that's it... let me turn my webcam so that you can see my screen... see it? oups it's in french... do you want to learn french Mom?"

There she goes.
She's so used with Skype now that she even says in a baffling manner that Skype is telling her to shut down the video because our connection isn't good. She doesn't like Skype to ask us to disable the video. She likes to see me. Better than the simple phone.
I turn off the conversation and before I have the time to call her back she is already calling me with the video on.

With this computer we also got her a Gmail account.
She uses gmail webclient, it was easier to show her it working this way than installing Thunderbird or Outlook or anything else. She got kind of pissed off with Mr Google for pushing adds on her inbox according to what she's been writing.
To piss Mr Google off she sent me some emails with stupid stuff written (let's say she sent me nuts emails - now you know: I'm my Mom's daughter, the #nut stuff is a family matter). Gottcha! Mr Google sent the wrong adds. Or better saying the correct adds for her nuts emails.

During our conversation on Skype I told her that we found some lost cousins through the Internet.
I told her that there's a website kind of like Skype, where you create an account, you can chose a nickname, you can put your pictures, publish stuff, status, videos, quotes, you don't call people, but you mostly chat (written chat) and etc. This site is called Facebook.
I spoke about my cousins, she remembered some moments. We laughed. Then she remarked that she didn't want a Facebook account, she doesn't want people looking at her life and doesn't want people asking for her news.
She didn't leave me say anything else and said that she doesn't want a Twitter account neither, she doesn't want a Facebook as she said nor an Orkut account or any of these accounts that appear with all these websites.
She only needs her emails, Skype and the Internet to do her researches and check on certain websites when she sees a programm on TV and they give their website address. But only for specific subjects, of course. Some tricot websites, crochets, and crafts and some DIY (for crafts only).

She says we can tweet her, facebook her, but she doesn't want them on her own.

I'll be extremely astonished the day she'll say someone poked her!!!!

She turned 79 last august. She was telling me that now she is on the 5th age and not on the 3rd age anymore. Before going any further and before saying any stupid thing I asked her to explain and develop her thoughts.
Recently a 61 years old woman gave birth to a child in Brazil. She should be a 3rd age person who don't bear child anymore.
As my Mom isn't planning to have a baby like that woman did, she says she can't be in the 3rd age.
I said that for me she should be in the 4th age. Mom didn't agree: when you're almost 80 you're in the 5th age.
Ok, got it. I won't fight. Never fight with your Mom, doesn't matter her age and even if she is wrong, I mean she is your Mom so she is right, right? You're a stupid kid (even when you're in your 40's and you work with Internet and Social media....).

Remember, my 79 y.o. Mom says that computers and Internet and all this technology is too much for her head.
Hum-hum. I see.
Imagine if she thought it wasn't enough I mean if she wasn't scared about it?

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Bohemian Babushka a dit…

If only La Tata would want to learn how to Skype!! You are very blessed to have a mom like this, and as a mother and grandmother I agree with you. Mother's are ALWAYS right. ; )