mardi, octobre 30

#SMCSFBlogOff - I think I got a problem

I'll be away for 3 days strating next thursday. Well, I'm leaving home around 11 am.
I'm going on a long week-end to London with 3 girlfriends.
Shopping shopping shopping!

(Note to myself: Maybe I should "forget" my credit card at home....)

I should have internet connexion where we're staying but I'm not sure it works before getting there.

I still have all my empty posts to fill.... and if I don't fill them they'll go live with just a title "TO DO".
Holy crap! 

Let's pray the saints-of-the-connected-addicted-to-blogging-and-tweeting-travelers to easily find wifi connexions everywhere in London! 
Hopefully it'll be like when I was in New York last year: just stop by a Starbucks café and get the free access for a few minutes - or while you're drinking your coffee!

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