lundi, octobre 22

#SMCSFBlogOff - Dancing on the web

Yesterday I saw some videos of contemporary dance. The choreographies were created by someone I met before, like 15-18 years ago.
We were both students.

These choreography are very original.
They're different.
They're.... strange.

In portuguese we'd say she "travelled in the mayo". Meaning that WTF is going on in her head?

Her concept is original, quite, inspired from a painting, black and white. She was inspired by minimalist paintings for a minimalist choreography.
In most of the videos I saw, she published 5-6 videos, she is evolving alone in the middle of a black space. The floor is black, the sides are black, the ceiling is black (if there's one). She is wearing black and her skin is the white element with the light.

As the inspiration is minimalism, the music is minimalist. The decor is minimalist.
My impression is therefore... minimalist.

I don't feel like linking the videos here.
I don't know why. Some of you may like. I'm not that receptive from these videos or minimalist concept.

It's not fair from me. It's her job and she believes in it. If you want to watch, just go ahead.

I like her minimalist hands though.
Let's keep this post minimalist.

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