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#SMCSFBlogOff - Social fooding

I like to cook. I often cook recipes I have at home or have some brand new idea and try something different.
For this reason and because of the web and social networking I discoverd the social food. I took once cooking classes, I'd like to take more classes.

I'm a food reporter - I don't know if a similar app exists in english (oh yeah they do have an english version, I added the right link) but this one is made for those people like me who like to take pictures of the dishes they cooked or from what they're having at the restaurant.
You can share the pics and the recipies and people don't like they "miam" your pic.
Lovely. You can follow me there, but sometimes I post these pics on Instagram too.

On the same subject I started following a couple of chefs. Not many, just a few. And they share their cooking in different ways.

Take Jamie Oliver. No need to introduce him, right?
I follow him only on Instagram. He publishes whatever. Almost never his cooking. We get people he meets, we get pics of his kids, we get pics of funny moments of his trips/life.

Take Roberta Sudbrack. I didn't know she had served a brazilian president until sometime after I was already following her. I never looked for information about her, but I had heard about her.
I follow her on Twitter and on Instagram. She publishes pics of her trips but they're all - 97% about ther cooking. Her staff in the kitchen, her staff having fun during a service, she and her staff when they were in Paris for a special event. She was in London for the Games and she'd cook special meals and bake special brazilian sweets (brigadeiro) for the brazilian athlets who got medals. She and her followers jokes about her team what she does: it's the sudteam, sudplate, etc. She always say hello or byebye to the "social kitchen". Yeah, we can quite experience her kitchen during the service.

I also follow some other chefs, mostly brazilians because I tell myself that I'll probably go to their restaurants one of these days.
One who is really funny is Carlos Bertolazzi. Him and a group of other male chefs (or common mortals like you and me?) take part on a sort of program called Homem Gourmet (Gourmet Man or Male). I follow him on Twitter. They exchange non-sense tweets. You feel like going one of these days to his restaurant because you certainly will spend a fun time.

I do agree with Roberta: the kitchen is social. When there's a party at home, at one point, at least with latin origin people (be them brazilians, french, italians or spaniards!) at one point of the party we are socializing at the kitchen. I would even love to have a kitchen to throw parties in it!

Eating and food is a way to gather people. When we can't be together IRL we get virtually together around a dish.

But as we know, the world isn't this beautiful. While there are people with tons of food, there are people starving. Maybe we could think of a social kitchen project who could give some food for those in the need. Don't you think?

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