vendredi, novembre 23

I spy Smith m'y little eye....

I noticed a couple of days, weeks ago, that I may have a geeky neighbour.

I wonder if he is working, playing a game or simply twitting or blogging!

He always sits there and stare at his screen....

Maybe HE knows that I blog and he follows me!

If so.... Hi neighbour!

dimanche, novembre 11

Lire l'amour

Je viens de commencer la lecture du livre Une histoire des romans d'amour de Pierre Lepape.
Je dois être dans une période romantique. Ou plutôt dans une période envie de lire sur les histoires romantiques.
Mais si ça se trouve ce n'est pas si romantique que ça.
Voyons voir. Ou allons le lire.

mercredi, novembre 7

#SMCSFBlogOff - I'm shocked! Definately!

I just learned that yesterday was the last day of the contest!
I wrote yesterday's post with a feeling I still have one more to go and then... it all had gone!


I can say that I'm proud of myself, I managed to post at least one post a day. A had somedays which I felt like a compulsory blogger with 2 or 3 post in a row (or with a couple of hours between them).

I discovered some nice interesting awesome people. It made me wish go meet everybody in Miami or nearby! Yup, you're guyas are all definately more intersting than Magic Mike.
Ok ok I'll stop talking about him... hehehe.
I know, he'll get old one day and will get all wrinkled his muscles will fall as well as his derrière. 
Hopefully this will happen when I will be far far from tv and movie screens.

Anyway, it happens as I science said it would happen repeating something everyday creates an habit and you will get used to it. Someone told me once that we have to repeat 24 times. I read somewhere that 21 is enough. I repeated - posting posts - 30 times. So I did got used to posting!

I'm glad it has finished though, today I didn't have a special post to publish, nothing serious and even no special #nutspost.

mardi, novembre 6

#SMCSFBlogOff - I missed my birthday!!!

Can you believe that this humble blog completed 9 years old!!

My first post was on November 1st 2003.

Oh wow!

I explained here how it all started. And it is still going on.

Please please please Blogger continue upgrading and going upwards so I don't feel like changing platforms. I'm kind of attached to you, you're an old friend!

#SMCSFBlogOff - The more you blog the more you want to blog?

Right or wrong sentence?

I can't say if it is right or wrong or if it works for everyone.

What I can say is that it kind of works for me.

We aren't finished yet we still have a couple of days to go. 

NB1: A question to #SMCSFBlogOff people: when do we finish? On the 7th or on the 8th?? I'd say the 7th so... tomorrow???

So we aren't finished yet but I'm already getting to some conclusions:

- forcing myself to blog here was a good thing it go me on the blog-rails again
- it is very hard to blog everyday but if I did it so far it means that I can blog at least once a week. This blog should never be abandoned again!
- I got used to post in english! My few readers in french will excuse me if from time to time I post in english?
- I decided to launch another blogging project, I'm still thinking of it but this contest opened my appetite
- during this period I tweeted less but as the blogging stuf I could tweet more, couldn't I? It's so easy, 140 signs...
- I definately continued instagramming everyday.

So the more I blogged the more I want to blog.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling like a conqueror from the middle ages! 
The territory I conquered is mine! All mine! 
It's the wicked wide web!!

NB2: The post started right but became a #nutspost didn't it?

lundi, novembre 5

#SMCSFBlogOff - Monday, another week starts

When monday comes, another week starts.
I'm sure you didn't know this.


From time to time I meet suppliers of different services, offer.
Not that I'm particularly looking for a company. It's important to stay up to date to the market, know what people have to offer out there.

Sometimes I'm appalled by how companies stick to the fact only to offer their know-how on development. Companies (huge companies) do need developers to realize some projects but developers can be found anywhere.
Just open a drawer at an IT department and voilà! A developer comes out.

Companies need innovative products.
Even if the products aren't that new and don't change very much from the normal world of highly connected people. It does change a lot for people/companies who aren't or very little connected.

Offer simple tools that don't need 12.000 man/day to go live (for 2,5 features and a search engine....).

The market changes fast, customers needs too. But huge companies need lot's of time to change. They need new fast applying tools that would meet their external requirements. Not their traditional internal requirements (even though they can't be left aside) but their time-to-market requirements.
Give what customers are longing for.
If they don't show the need, create the need.

Think about it before offering your traditional services....

dimanche, novembre 4

#SMCSFBlogOff - Caught by TODO

I was fearing this would happen, and so it did.

A scheduled post "TODO" which should male me run to the conputer so it doens't go live went live.

Up date

Here I am "running" to type something to republish it.

This week-end took place the ENEM in Brazil - it's the name of a huge exam which allows youngsters to be admitted to the university. It goes through many hours, in two days. If you arrive after the doors are closed you miss the exam.
On the papers you can read new about this huge event in the students and the country's life. With this exam there's about some equal chances to people who didn't have the chance to study in a good school to go to a good university. There's more to it than this but this is one of the advantages. There are disadvantages also but it isn't the subject of this post.

Three topics I read about:

1 - A teenager gave birth in the bathroom.
She got to the local of the exam already feeling the contractions. She is the only as far as I know who will be able to resit later, in december. It's a baby boy and the baby and the mother are fine. There was a nurse working as a supervisor who helped them after she gave birth while they were waiting for the doctors.

2 - On the second day, today, took place the dissertation. The subjecy was the immigration in Brazil on the 21st century.  Gosh I can't write about it. And apparently most students couldn't neither. I wanted to check about the other subject (of other disciplines) but the ENEM website is down. The results can be published at any moment - you can even follow live the correction, just NOW - and there as thousands, millions of people trying to access the same page.

3 - Some students got caught taking pictures of the classes and of the exams and posting it to social media. They got excluded. I read about 37 being excluded on the first day, 28 on the second day. Among 5.79 millions students enrolled to take the exam. Why they took pictures on th second day? You could read on the press about the people of the previous day being excluded... Maybe they didn't read the press.
I'm mad about social media but I don't think I'd publish during exams. I don't tweet during pro conferences it the subject/the conf isn't about social media or any of the kind.

samedi, novembre 3

#SMCSFBlogOff - Time flies

If I'm counting right today is day 27 of the blog contest.
And I'm still blogging. Horray!
I was away for 2 days, I didn't manage to connect to a wifi very easily but I managed to post yesterday. Anotehr horray for me!

I went to London with 3 girls friends. We went there for a shopping spree. We go there last thursday in the afternoon so I could post before leaving Paris.
As the blogging time is flying our week-end also was soo short. I'm sure the last 3 days lasted less than 24 hours each.

We enjoyed our thursday night having dinner in a nice thaï restaurant and went to the flat (it's english, so it's a flat not an appartment ;-) for a good night of sleep. We also went to an uthentic english pub according to the local friends we met. There we had a nice beer, I watched people around us and appreciated the decoration. Typical I'd say, in a certain way at least.
(Click on the pictures to enlarge).

We didn't sleep that well for diferent reasons. The two who shared the bed found it too soft for their backs and woke up with a back ache. The two who shared the sofa-bed found it too hard and felt the slats on the ribs and as soon as the other person sleeping there moved the other felt the movement too and they woke up with a back ache. It was kind of a water bed. I was of the team on the sofa-bed.

We didn't go for sleeping but for shopping so there was no problem, but as we would be tired after all the walking and carrying bags full of goods (or of good goods).

We spent the friday walking all day long. We went in about a 100 shops. Compared to Paris we can find in London some basic items cheaper than here and with a better quality as if we bought at the similar french shops. However I'm tempeted to say that if we lived there we wouldn't go as much in these shops, we'd do like an italian girls who lives there: she comes to Paris for shopping...
I bought about 3 years of socks and about the same for underwear and tights.

We walked Oxford Street up and down 300 times and also took the tube to save our feet (a little bit).
You know, it's not the métro as it is in Paris nor the subway as it is in New York. It is really a tube, it is small, round shaped, as a tube, it is crowed (specially if you amuse yourself to take it during the rush hour when the normal commuters are going back home while you are just trying to get your shopping bags safe between all that people's legs....
It wasn't that crowed when I took the picture. I couldn't take a pic when it was crowed of course, no space to move my arms and even I like to take picture and not be noticed. When you're "glued" to the people around you they do see your screen.

After our day of walk when we got back to our flat I was desperately trying to connect to post my yesterday's note. My friends couldn't understand what I was doing. It's a contest! And I need to blog.
They decided that I was completely crazy - nuts - and that soon they would come pick me up and take me to a psychiatric hospital. I was hanging with non social media non bloggers almost not facebook people. Twitter? Don't even mention, they don't have an account. They don't have a blog. I'm not sure they see any interest in it.

What we did the next day in London? Well we went shopping. I tool the girls to Victoria's Secret shop as it openned a few months ago in London. First shops in Europe. Plenty of coulours plenty of differnt items for  all tastes. Women's and men's taste. ;-)
Men go with their partners and moms and do what they can to spend their time.
This young man for instance, his mom showed him the bench, with a word, he sat there, openned his book and stayed for her to come back. Hopefully for the male gender in this label strategy there are plenty of seats for these aimless people who come to their boutiques.

The most important was that I felt relieved for posting.
So far I haven't missed a single day.
But I missed a day on my personal project of a photo of Paris a day on Instagram. The connection where we were was very bad I couldn't post a picture. I missed one day.

vendredi, novembre 2

#SMCSFBlogOff - Londonners are still the same

Here I am, less than 20 hours in this city that I used to love.
I don't know if I still love it there are too many french people all over everywhere!
Thanks to Eurostar they can come easily (tickets start at 88€ and the trip lasts 2:35 hours).

Londonners are still the same. We went to have dinner at a thaï restaurant.
As before you ask for a non spiced dish when you eat it you feel the pepper.

They drink so much so they go out at night almost naked.
The temperature is around 5-6 centigrades they go out with miniskirts and no stockings sleeveless tops extremely high heels for girls and jeans and simple t-shirts for men. No coat for any of them.
It was around midnight.
It's humid as it is as island.
They don't get dressed because they are going to a pub or night club and they'll drink a lot.
A great lot.

So they haven't changed they already were like this when I lived here last century.

But there are too many french now. I like less. They should stay in Paris.

jeudi, novembre 1

#SMCSFBlogOff - News from the world

The last 24-48 hours people have been talking about Sandy. All over France, maybe all over Europe, people were really caring about Sandy and New York.
It's good and nice to have this sens of solidarity.

But don't forget people at Haïti and Cuba who faced the storm a couple of days ago and had people killed. We talked less about them maybe because there's less people tweeting and instragramming from there.
It's also strange all this passion in France.

A few days ago, last week, people got killed with a storm, the wind was quite like Sandy, before hitting the continent the wind was like 150 km/h (hum, I can't talk/write miles) and apparently when it hit New York this have dropped to a little bit less.
We had in the south of France wind of 120 km/h. And there was no fuss like I read about the States.

I'm not saying it isn't serious.

It's just that there was some other bad events elsewhere too.

I am glad to hear that people I know who lives in New York or was just in the middle of their holidays during the storm.
I'm glad people I know who lives in Richmond are okay.

Just let's not forget that other people are suffering from the same storm, or other storms.
Let's be solidary about eveyone.

Now, that the strom is over, let's clean the cities and move on!
Go Go Go!


NB: As I said, I'll be away during a couple of days, but I'm leaving home in 2 hours, so I had the time to right something for today. Now the thing will be to manage to publish something tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Stay tuned, the challenge on the challenge in on!