lundi, novembre 5

#SMCSFBlogOff - Monday, another week starts

When monday comes, another week starts.
I'm sure you didn't know this.


From time to time I meet suppliers of different services, offer.
Not that I'm particularly looking for a company. It's important to stay up to date to the market, know what people have to offer out there.

Sometimes I'm appalled by how companies stick to the fact only to offer their know-how on development. Companies (huge companies) do need developers to realize some projects but developers can be found anywhere.
Just open a drawer at an IT department and voilà! A developer comes out.

Companies need innovative products.
Even if the products aren't that new and don't change very much from the normal world of highly connected people. It does change a lot for people/companies who aren't or very little connected.

Offer simple tools that don't need 12.000 man/day to go live (for 2,5 features and a search engine....).

The market changes fast, customers needs too. But huge companies need lot's of time to change. They need new fast applying tools that would meet their external requirements. Not their traditional internal requirements (even though they can't be left aside) but their time-to-market requirements.
Give what customers are longing for.
If they don't show the need, create the need.

Think about it before offering your traditional services....

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