mercredi, octobre 10

Blogging blogging


As soon as I got myself into trouble, in other words joining this contest, all that happens always, usually, forever and ever since I started blogging (in portuguese and in french since 2003, I have two personal blogs, this one, mostly in french and one in portuguese, "croissantland" you can have a hint on the subjet with the blog's name, a brazilian living in Paris) started : what will I be writing about?
Tons of ideas appeared. But, if I don't write then down they'll disappear.

(And with this word my brain associates the Inxs song... could become my anthem of this blogging contest!)

What I did first was to start reading the links Alex posted on the SMCSF page on Facebook: ideas of what write about, tips on blogging, etc.

Wow, I didn't even finished reading it all, that my brain was overwhelmed with ideas fusing from all sides.
I don't need really finishe reading these articles, but I may though.
One can write about everything: your breakfast, your lovelife, your no-life life, your expertise, your job, your passion be it old stamps, dinos, cars, dolls, travelling, your job.
In my opinion the important thing is to chose an editorial line (do't do like I did: there's no editorial line, or everything and anything line), make the most of your knowledge about the subject you chose, write and publish.
Of course there are things that you should do to guarantee a public. I definately don't do. I should learn one day.
What do you think?

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