lundi, décembre 10

Where have I been since mid-november...

A few weeks ago I lived an intense month as I took part on the #SMCSFBlogOff contest.

It was a rough month, I felt like publishing all day long, all the time, anything. But practically I couldn't blog that often as I didn't and wouldn't have that much interesting stuff to publish . Or the needed time to spend my days posting here.

However there was some positive effect. I mean the fact that I published during 30 days in a row made me feel that I can publish anything if I want to. It made me feel that I could do anything if I really wanted to do.

I took some blogging projects out of the drawer and... started publishing. as simple as that.

I got this first project on rail a couple of week ago. I set up a plain simple blog,  gathered the first informations that I wanted to post and started posting in order to force me to continue gathering information.

It is also helping me to build a new vision of the use of social media and personal branding. Even if these subjects have nothing to do with the main topic of this new blog (beauty, history of Rio de Janeiro and maybe some footbal, I mean soccer for dummies like me).

More to come soon!

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