dimanche, octobre 21

#SMCSFBlogOff - Am I a boring aunt?

Gotta ask my nephew and niece.

I'm friends with them on Facebook but I don't follow them on Twitter (teens tweets!).

My nephew (who by the way is not a teen any more as he is in his tewnties) set up a group to gather people to play volleybol on the week-end, at the beach. Normal, he lives in Rio. Sun, beaches, young kids at the beach.

I don't remeber if he invited me for the group or if I simply acted as the boring aunt: I remember seeing that my sister in law (not his mom) saying she'd go to the volley-party on a week-end sometime ago.
I probably got my name in this list because of this.
And I answer I'll go. Or not go. In general I say I'll go or that I may be a bit late.

Nothing strange on this except the fact that I live in Paris/France and not in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

A few moments ago, he published a note saying he'd get to the beach earlier to set up everything. We can go to the meeting spot whenever we want.
I said ok.

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