samedi, octobre 13

Ten Guilty Pleasures


I got the idea to write this post through one of the links given by Alex for inspire people for this challenge.

The problem is, while I write these lines, I can only think of one guilty pleasure. Maybe two.

- Milk chocolate. Or swiss milk chocolate. Goddam this is so good. Yeah you can tell me it isnt real chocolate. I didn't say I like real chocolate. I said I like milk chocolate

- french pastries - fraisier is my favorite

(my pic, fraisier from a tea afternoon at Carette)

followed really close by the tartelette au citron  

 (not my pic. Thanks Mr Google - I didn't note from which website I took this pictore. If the owner comes her,e please let me know and I'll add the credits)

- Hershey, the original.

Found 3. Yeay!

Will come back if I find 7 others.

Can you tell your ten guilty pleasures?

PS: This post could be a #thursdayconfession but today is a satuday. So let's say it is a #saturdayconfession

2 commentaires:

Patrick a dit…

Sadly, the fish filet sandwhich (is it still called a Filet O' Fish?) at McDonalds. Guilty!

nunju a dit…

Not sure about the sandwich's name. MacDonalds isn't à guilty pleasure anymore for me ( but it woulb be the MacDeluxe, which I think exists only ni France)