jeudi, octobre 11

Compulsory blogging #SMCSFBloggOff

I can't explain why but since  I entered this blogging contest I feel like blogging all day long.
I can't off course as I'm supposed to work on other stuff.
I decided I want to go until the end of this contest with at least a post a day.
Can't imagine how I will succeed in doing this.
I added an extra stress for me: I scheduled a post a day until November 9th. The posts are scheduled to go live around 9 pm Paris time. The funny thing about this is that the posts have already to be written. I just prepared empty posts. To fill.
See on the image below, they're all TODO. If you click on the image you can enlarge and see the scheduled dates.
I'm thinking that I'm definately nuts. I am in fact.

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