mercredi, octobre 17

#SMCSFBlogOff - I'll have lunch tomorrow night!

Not exactly.
I'll be chez Miss Lunch for her book signing tomorrow evening.

Who's Miss Lunch? The gal who conceived, imagined, created the Lunch in the loft in Paris.
You book a date through her website, you tell her what you don't eat at all and when the day comes you just go to her place to have a wonderful surprising meal surrounded by other people that you don't know but will get to know during this lunch time.

I haven't tried yet. I'm more enclined to try one of the cooking classes.
Got to organize this!

I don't promiss I'll livetweet the book signing as I'm not sure of when I'll get there. At least a little tweet I'll drop from there.

Do you cook/take cooking classes?
And to stay in the South Florida air: which kind of cooking classes can we take in South Florida? Any ideas, advices?

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