vendredi, octobre 12

#SMCSFBlogOff - The bloggers!

I totally forgot to post a link to a post which lists the names and links of who's blogging in this 30 day blog contest: 30 day bloggers

I should add nuts as my second name: if you understood the hashtag it means Social Media Club South Florida Blog Off.
Most people taking part in this contest are people from Florida, who are members of SMCSF and meet once in a while to network, work and be there!
And you find a little alien from overseas who said Me Me Me! I want to blog with you!
I've done some collective blogging before, we all blog about the same subject on the same day,n mostly with brazilians. This is the first time that I get to blog everyday.
It will become a traumatism. Sure! I'll dream, eat, drink breath blogging!

I've been to some of the listed blogs below and I can tell you there are lots of interesting and funny and smart people in this www of ours - wild wild web.
I wish I'll meet them all or some of them one day.
Promis dear co-blogging freinds, I'll try to leave at least a comment when it is possible.
Enjoy your reading!

Update Nov 7th: this is the bloggers list as of the beginning of October. Maybe some people are missing. If you see a missing name, just let me know and I'll add (please give the missing link too).

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