vendredi, novembre 2

#SMCSFBlogOff - Londonners are still the same

Here I am, less than 20 hours in this city that I used to love.
I don't know if I still love it there are too many french people all over everywhere!
Thanks to Eurostar they can come easily (tickets start at 88€ and the trip lasts 2:35 hours).

Londonners are still the same. We went to have dinner at a thaï restaurant.
As before you ask for a non spiced dish when you eat it you feel the pepper.

They drink so much so they go out at night almost naked.
The temperature is around 5-6 centigrades they go out with miniskirts and no stockings sleeveless tops extremely high heels for girls and jeans and simple t-shirts for men. No coat for any of them.
It was around midnight.
It's humid as it is as island.
They don't get dressed because they are going to a pub or night club and they'll drink a lot.
A great lot.

So they haven't changed they already were like this when I lived here last century.

But there are too many french now. I like less. They should stay in Paris.

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