vendredi, octobre 26

#SMCSFBlogOff - If I keep the rythm...

I'll have published more posts probably than last year. Didn't count though.

Today it's friday and I'm lacking of inspiration.

I could talk about the weather: it's getting cold in Paris, I was freezing this evening while I was waiting for the "RER" train to get back to Paris - I work outside Paris, I'm a commuter the other way round I'd say, but I'm not the only one.

NB1: Everytime I write/say 'I'm not the only one" I remember a song. Damn, which one?

The station is outside, if it is raining we are quite getting wet. There's a ceiling but if it's windy....

I got home, had dinner and rushed to the computer: as I said I scheduled posts to go live but most of the times they're empty.
I rushed to make sure I had prepared something to go live today.
Nothing was waiting for me.
Sometimes when I prepared this bunch of pre-posts I managed to leave a title, which should give me inspiration to write afterwards. But this time I only had a TO DO as title.
Even the day I prepared it I was without ideas.

Now that I managed to get things settled, I'll go back to my dinner.

I wont' leave you alone. João Bosco will keep your company.

NB 2: And of course this is a #nutspost

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