jeudi, novembre 1

#SMCSFBlogOff - News from the world

The last 24-48 hours people have been talking about Sandy. All over France, maybe all over Europe, people were really caring about Sandy and New York.
It's good and nice to have this sens of solidarity.

But don't forget people at Haïti and Cuba who faced the storm a couple of days ago and had people killed. We talked less about them maybe because there's less people tweeting and instragramming from there.
It's also strange all this passion in France.

A few days ago, last week, people got killed with a storm, the wind was quite like Sandy, before hitting the continent the wind was like 150 km/h (hum, I can't talk/write miles) and apparently when it hit New York this have dropped to a little bit less.
We had in the south of France wind of 120 km/h. And there was no fuss like I read about the States.

I'm not saying it isn't serious.

It's just that there was some other bad events elsewhere too.

I am glad to hear that people I know who lives in New York or was just in the middle of their holidays during the storm.
I'm glad people I know who lives in Richmond are okay.

Just let's not forget that other people are suffering from the same storm, or other storms.
Let's be solidary about eveyone.

Now, that the strom is over, let's clean the cities and move on!
Go Go Go!


NB: As I said, I'll be away during a couple of days, but I'm leaving home in 2 hours, so I had the time to right something for today. Now the thing will be to manage to publish something tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! Stay tuned, the challenge on the challenge in on!

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