mardi, octobre 9

My next LT


I'm excited to take part at another live tweet tomorrow October 10th.

It's an event to communicate about breast cancer awareness. There will be an award giving for a photo contest and prizes for research against breast cancer.

I had always been concerned about this disease I don't why, when it started. I forwarded many many times that old powerpoint of the auto exam. I've been more concerned since a couple of years ago since I knew some people I know or met in my life were diagnozed with breast cancer. Two are safe and sound the 3rd one didn't escape the "crab" as she used to call it, the thing that took over many parts of her body.

Oh but she wasn't at all a sad person. She was that kind of person who would have said if she could during her funeral "why do you all have this funeral face?". We were sad of course for loosing such a wonderful person but we couldn't stop laughing when someone said this. She was one of the most joyful person I ever met, before being ill and as much if not more when she was ill. She had all these health problems, this "crab" eating her rom the inside, but she'd have a nice word for someone sad, a funny email or sms to send out to friends a kind of sunshine in our inboxes. I've have never heard her sad of losing her courage, eventhough I imagine it was extremely hard for her and her family.

That's why I like to think of her I like to remember her: we cannot be discouraged whatever problem we are facing, at work, financial, any problem, we have to fight, we can't give up. I won't give up. For her. In her honour.

So after all the email forwarding in the recent years now every year I try to do something on line, display the pink ribbon on my blogs (this ribbon on the right side is there since Oct 2011) or like this year I got from a friend in Brazil through Facebook a gorgeous photo of pink shoes - woah! Love it. My profil pic on FB and on Twitter for this month.
So girly and oh so girlish!

Tomorrow I'll be at the LT with some other people.
I'm sure it's going to be fun. We will probably post some silly stuff but WTF it's a party and there will be good looking people!

I'll tweet in french and in english. The hashtags are #OctRose20 (french) and #BCA20 (english).

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