vendredi, octobre 12

I've got an e-reputation to maintain


IRL there are people who steal other people's identity. For fun or for devilish actions.
We take care with ID cards and passports (I do. Do you?).
But do we take care with out online identity?

This issue can happen in different ways. Someone can sign for an online service using your name. They can get your details to steal your money or delete all your stuff (it happened recently). I'm not talking about having a strong password eventhough this is important too.

We are anonymous people* and hackers won't look specially for us. However if our accounts are vulnerable they won't miss the opporunity to hack us.

*(hi! For those who arrived here with this key word, I'm talking about unfamous people, the contrary of celebrity)

But what if you are famous?
During the soirée for breast cancer awareness two nights ago we tweeted using one of the godmothers' account so people get to follow her too.

Today the community manager of this french celebrity Tv show tweeted to tell us that she doesn't have a Twitter account.
Rha! She got hacked and her staff weren't digitally aware or taking care of her image.

She is lucky that her fake Twitter account isn't being used for posting porn or something worst.

Brazil's president has a Twitter account too. An official account and a fake account. Her fake account is by far more famous and funny and close to a sort of reality - her everyday reality - like people behind this account tweeting during their lunch break as if she was in her break too.

The fake Elizabeth II tiwitter acocunt is funny too. I must remember to shape up my slang habitliies (british or american or whatsoever).

Digital awareness about oneself.

I have a Google alarm on my name.

In the company I work I know my colleagues created the CEO's and other top management twitter accounts to avoid this to happen. And if one day they decide to use their accounts to communicate they will be the owenr of their accounts (well, the company).

And you do you watch yourself on the Internet? 

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