mercredi, novembre 7

#SMCSFBlogOff - I'm shocked! Definately!

I just learned that yesterday was the last day of the contest!
I wrote yesterday's post with a feeling I still have one more to go and then... it all had gone!


I can say that I'm proud of myself, I managed to post at least one post a day. A had somedays which I felt like a compulsory blogger with 2 or 3 post in a row (or with a couple of hours between them).

I discovered some nice interesting awesome people. It made me wish go meet everybody in Miami or nearby! Yup, you're guyas are all definately more intersting than Magic Mike.
Ok ok I'll stop talking about him... hehehe.
I know, he'll get old one day and will get all wrinkled his muscles will fall as well as his derrière. 
Hopefully this will happen when I will be far far from tv and movie screens.

Anyway, it happens as I science said it would happen repeating something everyday creates an habit and you will get used to it. Someone told me once that we have to repeat 24 times. I read somewhere that 21 is enough. I repeated - posting posts - 30 times. So I did got used to posting!

I'm glad it has finished though, today I didn't have a special post to publish, nothing serious and even no special #nutspost.

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