mercredi, octobre 17

#SMCSFBlogOff - Climbing to the stars

Or the heights of mind.

I take yôga classes, well, it isn't only yôga it is a method which comes from ancient yôga from 5.000 years ago first started by Shiva and developed and codified in the 20th century (I prefer decoded if this word exists) by a Master.
I feel better, I sleep better, have less back ache when I wake up in the morning.
And we got social. We do social yôga.

If you organize yourself with the teachers, if you practice a little bit in one of the clubs/schools, it is possible to take classes through Skype.
Last time we in Paris had a colleague practicing with us from Switzerland.

We are also social yôga because we exchange quite a lot through Facebook - mainly through this tool. But the teams of teachers from this method in many different countries also blog, as well as the Maître.
We organize meetings, we keep each other posted about novelties, contests and whatsoever through our private group on FB.
This media allow us to communicate with people that we normallly don't meet, like I go to classes certain days of the week, and almost never meet some people who only go the days I don't go.
We share websites, feelings, ideas.
It's another way to put this people together.

There's no special intention to create any kind of emulation or energy. It's just another tool to communicate. At the end we happen to exchange propably more than the initial intention of the group.

We are living in a social era. Some people say business is social, but sport is getting social, cooking is getting social, working is getting social.
From collaborative tools we are getting to a social level and we are really working together while socializing.

There are many tools, and many more will appear.
I'm trying to figure out which tool will replace Twitter within 4 years.
Any thoughts?

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