dimanche, novembre 17

Yummy sunday, sunday market day as every sunday #SMCSFblog- Day17

Looking for a new entry for today.
Not much to say about anything.
Well, yes, there's always something to talk about. The topic depends on your brains awaken capacity (when it is awake).

At this very moment, nothing much comes through my brain.

Below me on the other floor, my teen neighbor is practising her flute lessons.
On the side, same floor, the not-teen-anymore-but-behaves-like-one is listening to a mix of Black Sabbah, AC/DC, some folklorical song from Tibet with some acid house beat.

Yeah I can listen  to the flute sound in the middle of this.

Sunday. Market plus stop over at our butcher's, we say 'chez George'. The one of the coffee ad. "Our" Geroge , who's not named like this eventhough it is a french name. Then stop over chez Thierry for our usual sunday coffee.
It was a hard time, we had to try to talk about soccer. I don't care about this but yesterday or the day before France's team lost against Ukrania. They need to win 3x0 next game to get a ticket to Brazil's world cup. No one believe they're going to win.
That was the topic at the bar today. I looked at the streets, more interesting than soccer.
Coffee was good as today was the first quite cold day, like +5° C. Winter isn't knocking at the door. It is here! Brrrrrrr

Sunday market with a taste of home: among other stuff, I bought 2 beautiful avocados, they look like the ones I buy in Brazil, two persimmons (just had one, quite tasty as home), bananas and green lemon. 
This is what I call a yummy 'homy' market day.

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