jeudi, novembre 28

We have more than 5 senses #SMCSFblog - Day28

I read an article in portuguese today published by one school of DeRose Method about 10 unknown senses.
I looked for the same article in english and didn't find exactly the same but a similar one.

Scientists say that we have 9-10 senses and even some studies say that we have 21!

Reading the article we find that some senses that we thought were one are in fact 2 (like pain isn't the sens of touch eventhough we may feel pain through the touching).

I just found it interesting to think about this we don't know our bodies completely, we don't know all about our selves. Until the last day of our lives we can discover interesting about us. This is not personality that we don't know a 100% neither.

We should all have a sensé of giving and thankfulness and gratitude. It is thought it can Côme with our culture and the way we are raised. It would´however be great if it was also a sense.
(But it would be awkward if people loose it for any reason. Like sometimes people don't feel pain on heat etc).

Special thoughts to SMCSF readers on this Thanksgiving!

We are little dusts in the universe.

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