samedi, novembre 2

Digital backpack? #SMCSFblog Day2

I read this article today - - interesting reading about one or two straps backpacking at school.

I personnnaly grew up with one strap as two were for others, not cool or sports people (so, when I was in my sports phase when I used to play volleyball a lot I'd wear two straps.

At the end of the article I started wondering about the digital natives.
Other than this switch from one to two occuring some time ago nowadays they must use two straps. They need their hands free for their portable consoles, tablets and other portable devices.
And grown ups like us will use two straps too, smartphones, tablets and other devices while our laptop is in the backpack.

And you ? One or two?

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Bohemian Babushka a dit…

hmmm... not sure what my giant popa bag would be considered. BB2U on day #2!