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Routine or not routine? #SMCSFblog - Day8

Routine or not routine was a subject we discussed during my yôga classes this week.

I take these classes in a tiny little place, I'm sure it's the only yôga school in a parisian "cave"! Well basement of an old parisian building.

These last months I'm always at the same side, always on the right, I can be close to the teacher or behind someone, but always on this side.
Before the class stared I told the teacher that I was changing sides because I was always at the same side, it is good to change things from time to time.
We then talked about life, routine in our lives, people who do the always the same thing at the same time, take the same path/way to go to places.
I like to change from time to time I feel better. Even in my life it is good to change - furniture from it's place, change the curtains, change home, why note change the country in which I'm living! I've done this before. Twice!

When you do things always the same way they can become automatic and you may not pay attention anymore to them anymore. It is ok to do things automatically like driving. You don't ask yourself questions like "now I'll accelerate", "now I'll look at the mirror"....
However it is good to change things so you are aware of what you are doing and are more concious of what you are doing.
On this case, yôga class, as I've been always practising on the same side I got used with a porch, I can open my arms wide open to do some yôga postures without any problem, no limits!

So before my colleagues arrived I changed sides and went to the left side, close to the wall - watch out your hands! It's 17th century or so stones on the wall! Ouch!
In general we are placed for the class according to our seniority in the practise and to balance male and female energy.
To better organize those present on that day I had to... go back to my usual side for the organization of that class.
The teacher and I laughed of course and I said that I'd try next time

So I went back to the right side, the one close to the little side porch on the picture (not my pic, I got from the school's website).
I was quite happy then.

But yesterday was next time.

I choose again the other side of the room, the left side. As it was the same teacher he remembered what we had discussed two days earlier.
Then he noticed the guy in the left side is always there. He doesn't seem ready yet to try to be placed somewhere else in the class. We talked again with the other people about this. 3 didn't say much and one toally agreed with us it is so good to change things even the way you take to go to the supermarket, sometimes you change and it is longer, so what? You can discover/see different things!

I could stay on the left. And I kept all my skin, no bit of skin went to the stonewall by me.

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