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Couple of tips on #personalbranding #SMCSFblog Day1

As first post of this 30 day series of post I though about personal branding.

From time to time some people cross our path and we end up talking about blogs, social media, what is all about it.
Often these people have accounts but they don't use because they don't know what to talk about.
A couple of weeks ago I took part in a conversation about this, what to do with my twitter account?

If you are one of these people you can use your account for anything.
You can tell your life if you want.
However I think it's more interesting if you talk about topics that interest you.
More over on this digital period in the world publishing you start taking care of your presence online.

So a few tips to start tweeting.

You're not in the digital business but you find twitter interesting and don't know what to do (I'm repeating myself.... Lazy brains?).
You're a specialist in a field let's say sciences. You don't want (and maybe shouldn't!) talk about your work.
You can talk about your field in general! You can read articles online and publish the link (use bitly or any other tool to shrink it) and a little comment about what you read - " interesting point of view" "original angle for this subject" etc.
Retweet interesting tweets from your TL.
Make sure you follow people of your field.
Publish regularly, if you can once a day. It's a tweet, it's not long writing.

Doing so in a few time you maybe seen as an specialist of your field. People interested by the same topics will start "hearing" you.
On top of that if your company is going through a digital transformation they will certainly notice you and you could even start doing something else inside your company. New job without changing company.

So stop thinking what to do, start doing it!

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Bohemian Babushka a dit…

Hola my friend, I've missed you!! Glad to see you again on the SMCSF Challenge. Once again your post is delightful as well as being very useful- I had never thought about the ways of Tweety. You know Babushka, she just blurts. ; ) BB2U and look forward to your next 29 posts!