mardi, novembre 5

There's no age to go skyping around #SMCSFblog - Day5

I wrote this last year about my mom.

We've been skyping since then. She is even learning a little bit about solving her techie problems - someone has to help her online (my brother is the usual hotliner, by phone or in person).

We chat online very often, whe chats with me who is overseas, with my brother and his family who are 150km away from her.

As any mom she always caught us doing something we may have said we were not doing. Like when you say you weren't online she will say yes you were - your Skype was online.
Well yes, my account was but it doesn't mean I was there... no way to convince her that my account and me libe our lives separetely (and should we anyway?).

I adore talk to her. It's much better than the phone era. You can show things and not only describe things.
When she buys something, knits something she can show it to me. I can do the same.

The other day she was like a ad-girl telling me the great benefits she is getting from a french body lotion.
(You know the receipe is different from the products made in Brazil as the american products are different as the asian are...)

She will kill me if she ever sees this pic online....

Mom isn't at all on social media, email and skype is enough for her. Google to look for things that interest her, some sites that she goes often.

Last year with my partner we showed our adorable neighbor how to take a picture with an iPhone.
She found it really funny and made us wear hats and take different pictures and show her. She laughed so hard that I got worried she get an attack or something.
This neighbor is today 84 yo.

It's really nice to show tehcnology to open mind old people. They ask interesting questions and sometimes see what you haven't seen. And can have a real good time laughing from their young neighbors (us!) who thing they are showing THE tehcnology - she was just laughing about our stupid faces with her old hats.
Can't show the pictures we deleted all, we didn't keep any for the record!

On the other hand still about Skype it is totally difficult almost impossible to get my teenager niece online.
This 18 yo seem not interested in skyping with old people.
Yeah you have to focus on the conversation. It's much easier to get her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, anywhere but on skype.

So there's no age to skype but when it comes to focus on the conversation some people may need another media to saty focused.

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Bohemian Babushka a dit…

Your niece is not alone- it seems the younger generation doesn't like things "too real". Phone calls are almost obsolete, but let them feibu and they'll send you a novel! Having said that, I'm so glad your mom and neighbor are embracing technology but not getting addicted. BB can't be without it- but then again, it's my job and I ♥ it!! BB2U

Juh Rio a dit…

I think teen ae the same all over the planet (western planet). I see the french teens do the same.
And I agree with you I definately like to see these old generation getting to technology!
I want to be the same!