lundi, novembre 4

Picturing on social media #personalbranding #SMCSFblog - Day4

I'm an instagramer. Here.

I started ages ago on Fotolog. Then moved on to Flickr.

The account pn Fotolog is completely dead. I used long before I found my online nickname which I use a lot everywhere.
On Flickr I had the pro account, went back to normal account. Pictures are still there. Account may dying little by little.
Unless I wake up one of these days and start publishing there again (before the account is killed by the platform owners).

Instagram is a cool platform. I make most use of my smartphone. Always.
On another blog I write about Paris and what to do round here - have to get to speed cruise there. I'll be there soon.

So on my Instagram account I publish in general pictures of Paris, things I've seen round the city, places I've been to, food. It's not exclusively about Paris but it is 80% about it.

This account contributes to my personal branding plans and willness on writing about this lovely city I live in. There are tons of things to see, do and eat here that even if half of the parisians wrote about the city there still be some place for other people! What attracts our attention is so personal!

A brand can also use this platform for business matters.
It can be used in many ways like showing people working (not my preferred use but have seen this before), the offices, or show an original angle of the brand. Or be useful for contests.

A few weeeks ago I won one of the prizes during the launching campaign of an all on line french bank. You had to publish (or re-publish) a photo with a blue sky and a jury would choose the three best pictures of the day.
The constest run for a few days, the prize was some discount on a online shop (hey I still have tu use my discount code! must not forget). The prize was not much for each winner (but the band had to cash out some euros) but it was profitable for the bank's notoriety.
It was good to me because I got on notoriety as well. And it was useful as well as it was a picture of a bluesky in Paris.

The buzz around the contest made the rest - for the brand.

I sure had fun taking part as like some many other people I'm a geeky-picture-taker-never-going-out-without-my-iphone - I submitted 2 or 3 pics.

Now let me go develop my notoriety, I'll be back in a while.

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Blanca Stella Mejia a dit…

I would love to see the picture that you won a prize on! I would love get more pro in my pictures...some day :)

Juh Rio a dit…

It was this one :