lundi, novembre 11

Material (digital) world #SMCSFblog - Day11

When I was a little girl I wasn't a big girl.

Logic. That said...

There's was this song in which we can hear a robot singing Living in a material world Living in a material world .
Well we aren't speaking about the same "material".

I didn't have a camera for myself, I didn't have my own phone (mobiles weren't yet for everybody).
All the pics we have at home were made by mom or dad. Or osmeone else in the family/friends who'd have a camera.

Now we all have cameras. Even little kids. And everybody have smartphones. Even little kids.
More: a bunch of us have tablets and go around with them.

I'd say a digital freaky-not-thaaat-geeky (just a little bit). I have 2 smartphones (one personal, one for work), a computer, a tablet, 2 cameras (digital and analog).
I can use all of them to take pictures while I'm on the go - not all of them at the same time.

However I'm not (yet) going out everytime with my tablet to take pics during my holidays. I do take pictures with my tablet mostly when I'm at a conference, taking notes and photos.

I find it curious and amazing how fast people are getting digital or better saying mobile-digital. People of any age.

I was about to say why use your tablet to take pictures while you are out? You are having fun, take your real camera with you for "real" photos.

However if you're not a camera person you may not have a camera. But if you are a digital person with you traveler's guide in your tablet for reading off-line you will have the tablet in question with you while you'll be strolling around the city.
Moreover there are some nice devices with which you can take "real" photos.

Anyway I have a sepcial bag for my camera. I don't have a sepcial bag (again, not yet) for my tablet.
I may need to go shopping soon.

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