lundi, novembre 25

Few words on Curation for communication and marketing #SMCSFblog - Day25

This morning I went to a meeting conference-breakfast about curation in companies.

The sponsors were a variety of companies/webagencies. The main speaker was the founder of
It is a very interesting subject and it meets my views of communication online. There are plenty of tools that can help companies in this issue.

A company which curates content if there is a strategy and editorial line to follow, if there's consistency and regularity this activity can increase online visibility and contribute to notoriety.
This kind of tool can be used for a kind of topic watch and the company which publishes bécotes part of somebody's watch. 

I decided then to reactivate my scoopit account. Well, it's not working anymore, I had to create a new one.

Lot to think. Must add this also to my palette of tools.

Like Rebel Mouse, can be a good tool to gather your/one's information in one place (account).

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