dimanche, novembre 3

IRL social media meeting? #SMCSFblog - Day3

I'm not a person of routine. I like when things change.
I'm used to some routine like going to places, doing some things, eating some special things.

(Leave the incoherence aside please.)

As many sundays as I can I go for a coffee after lunch at a café-brasserie near my home sweet home.
The sunday routine is in fact go to the market in the morning (I'll write about it another day), have lunch after cooking whatever we decided to buy for lunch and in order to avoid sunday siesta we go out for a coffee.
We go chez Thierry. No it's not the name of the brasserie but it is his place.
In general we sit at the counter, the best place to be if you want to know what is going.

Thierry knows us. When we go in, we get our Bonjour Monsieur Madame, deux petits cafés?
And voilà. We are part of the brasserie's landscape. 

I sit by the counter. I get my iPhone from my pocket and do my check-in - hey I must maintain may mayor position! I lost my mayorship once, I was on holidays and someone check-in more than I did. I got it back.

I published the first picture of the place on foursquare, our coffees half gone.

Now other people have published theirs, even showing theirs faces. someone published a photo showing Thierry. Nice guy.

I check through a social media. Being there on sunday is also checking in real life social network. When we don't come for a while the boss ask if we've been away.

This is one of our social activity on sundays. Sitting there and seeing people coming and going, chatting with the boss, le patron.

Every sunday we check what is going around. We don't really talk between us, those who are sitting at the bar, but we acknowledge our presence. From time to time there is a topic that arouses everybody and we end up having a 5-10 minutes chat on the counter.

For instance during the demonstrations for the marriage for all we talked a little bit. An old man said that he went to show that he didn't agree with this law. He said that he didn't care really, people can get married with whoever they want. It's just that since he was young he always protests against the governement, no matter the subject. Always against. This is his principle. Then get a beer aftewards.

We listen to the conversations around us. It's kind of real life tweets.

Two people are talking about the soccer championship and that nights match at the nearby stadium (where are close to the parisian soccer team stadium).
The retired politician tlaks to Thierry, about the weather, TV, public work on the roads.
The retired diplomat is just there, sometimes he has lunch in the restaurant room, smetimes he stays at the bar, and have something his appetite is looking for. Last time we sa him by our side he was having fries, charcuterie and pickles. I don't think his doctor would agrred with this... He nods his head from time to time when I think he is hearing the conversation. As if he was hitting the button like...
The butcher is always there with his second and sometimes his wife, having his beer and fries. Thierry gives him his order for the weekly meat. And that it. they write it inside their heads, not on paper. It must be like this for years.
The round the corner florist, once a week he puts a new fresh bouquet on by the cashier. He enters, says "hello all", put the new flowers in the water, says "goodbye all" and leaves.

We chat about our personal matters, we recognize the passers by, we pay, we leave - we have finished our coffee long ago. 

And then sunday goes by.

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Bohemian Babushka a dit…

You made your Sunday sound like a scene from an idyllic French film- I loved it!

Juh Rio a dit…