samedi, novembre 9

Google+ and what else? #SMCSFblog - Day9

Gosh I have to confess enventhough it's not thursday (the day to confess things in France on Twitter, the hastag is jeudiconfession. this will be saturdayconfession!)

I confess... I'm not very keen on Google+.
I don't feel it user friendly, at least it isn't Jussonline friendly.
Okay we can share articles, posts, images, build circles, meet people, excahnge info, tipcs, network and so on.
But I don't feel like.

I do this through Twitter, Facebook and other LinkedIn. My little brain doesn't get to G+.

One point to this is that I don't want to give this also to Mr Google.
Yeah he has my emails accounts, my blogs, my old and first social network - RIP Orkut. I didn't close my account there I couldn't, I left a message saying that people could find me on FB. Now 90% my Orkut friends are on FB. I suppose Orkut is closed now.
What happenned to the 10% left? they stopped social media? Were kidnapped by aliens?

Mr Google have also my documents, my agenda, some events I take part, he gives me some books and knows the translations I ask him to do for me.
I'm resisting to not give him another network.

Resisting, resisting... not very strongly I must confess.

This is the moment of a new confession overlaping the first confession.
Oh boy what is going through my brains lately?

As I'm taking part to this new 30-day blog challenge again I saw that some people from Social Media Club South Florida are using actively their G+ account.
Because of this I activated my profile with my main email address.
There's no point in doing this, if I did it for them they know my by other names/nicknames, my main email address isn't the one I use to blog, tweet or facebookaround.
Gee I'm nuts.

I confess that I did activate another G+ profile too in order to share the articles I write on my other blog about Paris (my personal marketing stuff). It's the one in portuguese, but I'm sure Mr Google will be more than happy to translate it to you english speakers (or any other language). I think I'll even put back the translation feature that I deleted 1 or 2 years ago.)

G+ or not G+?
In order to really decide I like it or not I must use it a little bit.
But I don't want to use. But I'm using.

(Rha! It's normal! I'm girl! We change our minds all day long! ;-)
Next post!

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