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Tidbits and balance / URL + IRL #SMCSFblog - Day30 (last day!)

Last evening we had another meeting from URL to IRL. Another initiative from the #SlashGen group but this time the theme was #TeaAddictParis.

The slash Gen is a group of people from the slash generation: any age, we aren't X or Y generation, but slash. We have many lives, many passions and occupations, we aren't mono work expertise or whatever. We are from Paris and other parts of France or Europe too.

We picked the tea lovers and met for a tea party at the Kusmi tea flagship on Champs Elysées. Great address great tea great meeting and talking.
We had good tea, good conversation, we met people whom we knew from Facebook Twitter or who we have met in other slash Gen meeting and didn't have the time to talk with.
I'm sure this format will happen again, like first part of the evening, those who had meetings for diner could go to both events.

The theme this time was tea so a person from Kusmi team gave us a brief tea lesson. Green tea, black tea, red tea. Combinations, spicies, flowers. Smelling - we could smell the flavour or some teas. Great to get decided and buy some new tea I hadn't bought before.

The conversation were about every kind of subject. Most of the time linked to digital.
It was again the opportunity for me to discuss with someone how to use some social media, for your personal branding. Publish information about articles you read, make public your expertise. Use these media to build your online image, set up your own editorial line (for your blog, twitter TL, your scoopit interface.
All these social media tools can help you show your expertise and even operate a change in your professional life.
I told some friends' stories linked with RH and blogs social media. It had happened before, before Twitter and others, during the "golden era" of blogging (2005-2006) we used to have meetings of bloggers (Paris Carnet, blog apéro...) for bloggers in general but also with a HR baseline, bloggers who were blogging about their expertise and looking for a job with recruiter bloggers, for networking and even to really find a job.
Once during one of these HR evening I got a meeting for a friend, who wasn't there but I met a recruiter who got interested for her profile. 
For myself the interest then was to increase my network and help me change carreers. It did happened.

Meeting in real life and online with people who have the same interest as you (network, digital) is really interesting to confront your ideas, feelings, exchange about your actual job, what is working good, bad, what you could change to improve it.

IRL meetings have the same importance for me as the URL meetings with these nice people from SMC South Florida. Reading their posts, comments and commenting myself gives me insights for my professional way of viewing things. It is even more important for me to get to know what is going on in another place. The way we do digital in France probably isn't the same as they do in the States , in this case in Florida. I learn about other tools I discover other professional and other way of thinking. I discover new ideas, tools, and most important of all, people.

My meetings with my #SlashGen friends in real life and with my #SMCSF friends are very rich experiences and rewards me with lots, tons of ideas and new perspectives regarding the digital world in which I work.

These words can be a kind of summary for these 30 days we've been blogging. Ideas, interesting people, events, rich writing/reading.

It isn't in my culture but as I'm sharing these 30 day blog challenge with a group of mostly Norh Americans and that this week end is Thanksgiving (the exact date was on Thursday 28th) on this last day of blogging I thank all the URL friends for sharing their views , photos, videos, texts with all of us. And I hope one day we will get to IRL - I tell you one day I'll go to one of your local meetings.
Let's keep on the move!

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Bohemian Babushka a dit…

Mujer, you and BB have GOT to meet! So glad to be crossing the finish line again with you on another #SMCSFBlog Challenge. Abrazotes and wishing you the happiest of New Years. BB2U