vendredi, novembre 15

Phone freak - or 1000% connected #SMCSFblog - Day15

BBY freak for work.
Gain time.
I-something freak for all the rest.

I need my daily dose of connection.
Today it's with an iPhone but it's not excluded that an android may enter my life one day.

Durant the day, if I'm not holding my BlackBerry pro I'm holding my iPhone (mostly on lunch time. To sait for the elevator. To go up or down in the elevator. To wait for coffee/tea/chocolate coming out from the machine.
Mails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever.

Then home.
I get my iPad.
Checking again.
Writing (notes, blog notes). Skyping. Publishing (on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram....). Playing a game. Getting desperate with ly bank acccount savings level. Getting info for the next week end. Watching a stupid series.

Always in my bag, pocket, at hand.
Can't be far away.

So from time to time I need to go through rehab for a week end or so. Even did a whole week rehab.
While in Lisbon.

Ooooh so lovely city! Sun. Nice places. Nice people. Nice food. No need for smartphones.
Her, hum, yes, you need... To take a couple of pictures when your camera stayed at the hotel for some reason.
And you may decide to publish a pic or two.

Ready for the next rehab section.

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