vendredi, novembre 22

Show me who follow you and I'll show who you are? @SMCSFblog - Day22

I haven't yet stopped to really analyze my followers.
I haven't done a list about it.
I may do one day.

Or not.

When it happens it amazes me to read the notifications emails annoucing my new followers.

I'm looking for the relationship between all my tweets and my new followers sports specialists.
Or those financial specialists (liek ecconomy magasins, of even forex traders!!!).

I never - I think - post about this stuff.
Or maybe I do and don't notice.
How wouldn't I notice???
Hacked account?

I publish in three languages, a variety of subjets, some a bit pro (mostly from LinkedIn, sometimes RT in Twitter), some articles I read linked to my pro activity. I tweet or RT stuff about food, travellers, book, yoga, from time to time some silly stuff. I follow astronauts and some spacec engines flying/rolling on Mars.

I do follow some sports accounts though. I follow the brazilian team's volleyball account (female and male teams, and the official account for the next Olympic Games in Rio).
So ok for the sports part.

It may have happen ages ago that I RT a tweet about some kind of ecconomical informaiton. but I don't do this a lot. So why people continue coming?
I haven't figured out.

So, for those who want to know who I am by analyzing my followers you will see that... it's really me!

Eccletic, interestied by dozens of different subjects, passionate about the world, arts, photo, trips, people.

And beefore I forget, this is a good occasion to do so : WELCOME all of you new ald "old" twittos of my followers!

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