mercredi, novembre 13

Few thoughts about ommnichannel vs omniretail - #SMCSFblog - Day13

We are always talking about omnichannel, we all have to have omnichannel, reach diferent customers with the same (?) content, publish one and reach XX channels.

True or good thing to do.

In my opinion it isn't a good idea to duplicate content. Or you publish once and it spreads itself on your digital ecosystem or you publish different content on different supports/media.

Publish through your usual back end and displays the content on the classic website, on the mobile version, even on the app. Publish wherever you are.

However it is not beacause you publish multi-channel content that you are going to sell on every channel. unless you are thinking omniretail. Sell on all the channel yo can reach.
Give the possibility to your customers to buy your product on the channel he/she choose.

The time where the company force the customer to buy on online shop or POS is in my opinion finished.

Companies should gve the customer the chcoice of the channel and offer all the channels. If it is adapted to its market or its trade.
If the target is to sell you have to let the customer buy. Putting barriers on the process onf buying isn't the best thing to do.

You have to go where your customers are. If they are online you have to go online.

Working on the digital world it's sad to see companies which aren't that sale-offer-friendly. It will come soon (otherwaise they're going ot disappear and even be eaten by pure players).

To get there a company must set up their digital strategy. Not only go online because everybody is going but because it is good for their trading.
Then the company should get strcutred to do it. Gather teams, talents, persuade the internal users, build the road map, identify investments to do. And most of all, the top management must be convinced. It's the only way to take this digital transformation we are talking about here.

In fact being omnichannel may be a good opportunity to become omniretail.

Now, let's all go do our homework.

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