jeudi, novembre 7

Living online #SMCSFblog - Day7

This morning after a visio conf with a private institution for personal reasons I went on my search for online courses of marketing - I want to improve some skills.

I realized that I live a lot online.
Well I knew that before this morning but it struck there right in the middle of my poor lazy head that not only I spend a lot of time online for networking sometimes to work and now I'm also getting online for personal issues (other than talking to mom) and I'm trying to become an online student.

Online courses are the solution for people like me who don't have the possibility to go to a university/school get some extra courses , short courses, I'm not talking about getting a degree.

The offer has yet to improve. Or the gogos schools should improve their SEO because I don't find a lot. I mean I find some courses but there are a bunch out there that don't seem to be serious enough and don't encourage me to put my money on it.

Living online. Everyday I have (live!) my share of online activity. Follow some people on Twitter (and events, today I followed 2, exchange recipes - yeah last night, with a virtual friends who lives in California), catch up with friends on Facebook , look at nice pics on Instagram, dream of other nice pics on Pinterest, log on blogger to post a note....

Rich online life sied by side with my offline life (I do have one IRL :-)

But I haven't found some little courses on marketing. If anyone have an idea....

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