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Content and engagement #SMCSFblog - Day29

The first Adobe social breakfast about social media took place today. The purpose is to talk about SM use, how brands should and are using it, etc etc etc.

There were three presentations scheduled this morning. 
After a welcome from Adobe France as we were in their offices, Jeremy Waite (Adobe's social media strategist) talked about the main subejct and the social media trends for 2014. He identifies 14 but presented the 5 most important in his opinion.
From his speech I highlight that a community is not only people with accounts on social media network but people with a common interest for a subject. They can get together on one of the huge tools that we know or on small dedicated tools. The important is that they share the passion for the same topic.
It is important to collect data and really use it. Data will enable brands to predict the future and they'll probably stop doing test and learn as data will give the trend. 

Secondly the Marketing Director of MasterCard and the Director of social media strategy agency in charge of the brand's campaign presented their view of how and what a brand should do online and their use case of the campaign #PricelessParis (exceptional experiences in Paris).
The main idea I retained is that content is important to create and engage your community.

Then came Twitter's Director for France who talked about the immediacy of Twitter and the possibility to reach many people in a precise period of time - to benefit from a certain type of audience and engage with them.
A brand should plan campaigns and presence online when it is needed to be there. 
Organize campaigns for your target on Twitter during a game - on an important game/event a tweet can reach people all over the world (like a game to guarantee a place in the next coming World Cup or Euro Cup).
Be there and be prepared to seize the opportunity like Oreo did when power shortage happened during last Superbowl.
He was seemingly selling a new twitter service about Tv ads but the subject is very much interesting. A brand has to plan ad during the broadcast of a film series combining the Tv ad which you planned to broadcast at à certain time with the tweeting of this same ad (or simular that you planed) on twitter.
The key message was plan your presence on Twitter when the audience you want to reach is there (like those who can't sleep and tweet with #WhyICantSleepAtNight
Main point: engage live.

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