jeudi, novembre 14

The BBY syndrome or commutting online - #SMCSFblog - Day14

I don't know if it is the same in big corporations in other countries.

In France there's a belief about BBY for business (companies) and the other kind of telephone companies aren't secure stuff.

Once you are in the middle of this, working in a big company and being equiped with a BBY you may keep or not your personal mobile.
I think a few years ago many people used to leave their perosnal mobiles behind once they got a professional mobile. Nowadays the trend seems to have changed - the price of providers subscriptions having changed it's more easy economically to maintain a personal account.

So, back to BBY.

A call it a syndrome because once you get your very beautiful and amazing BBY you start finding excuses to use it for professional reasons once you're not at work.
Yeah I said professional.
Like while you're commuting, start reading your emails arrived earlier (if you're not driving of course), or the day before after you left your office, or on your way home. You start typing an email that you will send once you get to your office.
Same thing as when you take office documents to read/work on while commuting for not doing it at home (of course there are people who work also when they get at home).

But then I ask myself...

If I have a BBY for work and a personal smartphone, they both have internet access... why take the BBY from the bottom of my bag instead of my smartphone and do personal stuff? Like those messages that you haven't sent to your friends, look for information on your next vacation, or book a diner, read the papers, read a book (digital book if not a paper book), whatever.

From time to time I have to hit gently my hands and put the BBY back in my bag and do something else.

I mean it is not forbidden to work in these situations, but I'd say from time to time, not as a routine.
We can say we gain time but well, you can also gain time doing some private things.
That's why it is for me it is a kind of BlackBerry syndrome. Youknow you can do it when you'll get to your office but you do it before (or just after you leave).
Or even when you trat a great load of daily messages you start going over them... on sunday so on monday morning your inbox in quite clean.

So, I started playng Candy Crush... yhaaa! - but I've already quit it. Now most of the times I read, listen to my music and daydream about my next vacations, or read a book. From time to time my office commutes with me, but in general I'm still out of the office on my way to and from.

Whatever I tell myself... I always end up doing a quick check in the morning like "what this new day will bring to me".

Now it's late. Let me check my BlackBerry and go for diner/out/gym/to sleep.

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