mercredi, novembre 6

Mind mapping my ideas #SMCSFblog - Day6

It's been almost é years that I started mind mapping.
I'm a mapper. A baby mapper though I'm not yet a all time mapper.

It is very useful to take notes during a conference as sometimes the speakers doesn't do a linear speech. Or to build a map for a conference with different speakers. Then each speaker is a topic.

Two images of a conf I went. I kept a diferent color for each speaker.
The first image is the map of the whole conference.

On the second image I opened the subtopics of the "red" speaker.
You can click on the images to enlarge.
 (It's all in french. It's not my best map.)

With the map you can easily put together the ideas.
I like mind mapping too because it is definatly like my ideas: they're aren't linear I go forth and backwards and  taking notes like this allows me to give some space to an idea that appeared later on my thinking.
I started mapping for work too. Like there is a certain number of tasks to do and as you go on doing them you find/discover/think of other tasks to do.
It's useful to follow my team too - each one has their topic and their tasks are the subtopics. And it goes growing bigger and bigger and bigger.

I'm not an expert yet I hope I'll become soon.
I've tried some tools MindJet, MindMaster, SimpleMind... don't have my favorite.

Do you map? Which is your tool?

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